Life Goes On — Cuba After Castro
April 22, 2014 7:25 PM

Cuba might boast beaches, mountain ranges and vibrant cities, but these remarkable delights haven’t always been accessible for visitors. During periods of austerity under communist revolutionary Fidel Castro, Cuba struggled to attract holidaymakers. Tourism plummeted. 

Thankfully, the island has opened the gates back up for many tourists to enjoy Cuba holidays. Today, Cuba still displays evidence of its diverse heritage, cultural charm and all the characteristics you could ever want from an eye-opening getaway in the sun.

Cuba under the microscope
References or reminders of the 1959 socialist revolution are evident in nearly every corner of this former Spanish colony. In many respects, though, time has stood still on the island ever since Castro took charge while the rest of the world looked on.

Despite corruption and over-exuberance from the Government and the effects on certain run down areas, Cuba has managed to survive unlike other Communist-bloc nations. This means that perfectly preserved colonial towns, vintage American cars, and beautiful historical palaces are still very much in existence.

While opinions over Castro’s influence remain divided, the Cuban people are far from bitter or aggrieved, even though the country’s infrastructure and political system seemed to collapse around them. Now the sound and rhythm of salsa music along with African, European and Caribbean cultures and cuisine is what matters most.

Don’t leave without seeing…

The Malecón
Stretching for 8 kilometers along the coast of Havana, the Malecón is an ocean-side boulevard that sums up Cuba nicely. While watching the sun go down, the city’s creative individuals gather in front of a mixture of neoclassic and art nouveau buildings.

Although some of the thoroughfare’s incredible architecture is facing the threat of erosion from the ocean, the City Historian’s Office have given 14 blocks of the Malecón special status, so the most authentic area of Havana will be preserved.

Museo de la Revolución
Situated in a former palace, which used to be the home of several corrupt Cuban presidents, Museo de la Revolución showcases just how hard the natives worked to gain sovereignty. From the outside, this neoclassical building is truly breathtaking, but the Tiffany’s of New York decorated interior and the Palace of Versailles-inspired Room of Mirrors are equally as impressive.

Notable exhibits include the life of Che Guevara, a piece of the former city wall and lots of propaganda posters, blood-stained military uniforms and official documents. The centerpiece of the museum, however, has to be the Pavillón Granma memorial, which displays the yacht Fidel Castro and 81 revolutionaries made their way to Cuba in from Tuxpán, Mexico in December 1956.

Although public attention has usually focused on Cuba’s political situation, the ongoing yet stationary revolution and people’s enduring passion means this country provides a historic and cultural playground for tourists.

/Guest Post

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On My Way Back And Happy Easter
April 20, 2014 8:16 PM

It has been a rough 6 weeks for me, for many reasons, but finally I feel like I am on my way back to finding myself again. Life sure is a roller coaster though... I have been missing my beloved Lisen like crazy. In fact just taking that first forest walk without her was hard, but having my sister and her doggy Diva (Lisen's daughter) with me helped a lot. The sun also made it a lot easier. Because while I have been dealing with myself lately, spring has arrived here in Lyckeby in Sweden - and Easter. So I thought I would resume my blogging life again by publish this simple Happy Easter post. Hopefully it will get me going again.

So Happy Easter Everyone. :-)

On My Way Back And Happy Easter
This is the Easter cake we had yesterday at my mum's - yum! :p (Glad Påsk - Happy Easter in Swedish.)

And below are some photos from my recent forest walk with my sister and Diva. ♥

On My Way Back And Happy Easter
It was a sunny day with puddles.

On My Way Back And Happy Easter
And Diva was not sure who to keep company... Hm?

On My Way Back And Happy Easter

On My Way Back And Happy Easter
Of course my sister won that one, Diva is her doggy after all. ;-)

To read more about how we celebrate Easter in Sweden check out -->Swedish Easter Eve Traditions


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I Miss You
March 3, 2014 7:34 PM

I have felt like ever since I lost my beloved Lisen I have found it hard to put up any cheerful or informational posts, or any posts at all for that matter. This was our blog, Lisen's and mine.

So this is me right now.

I Miss You
Confused, blurry, and sad. Trying to find my way back into the world without you.

I miss you, Lisen. Words cannot express how much! ♥ ♥ ♥

I thank All You readers for your beautiful comments and support, it means the world to me. I will answer them as soon as I possibly feel up for it. But for now, just to put up this post takes it all out of me - I hope you understand.

Peace, love and light to All souls out there!


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Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend
February 16, 2014 5:28 PM

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to my best friend and most beloved family member, Lisen. It was unexpected, but at the same time not. Even so, there are no words that can describe how much this wonderful dog has meant (means) to me, but I know in my heart that it was time for her to move on and that we made the right decision.

Two weeks ago Lisen got very sick, I will not go in to the specifics here, but we decided to give medicine a try because there was some hope that she could recover - there was no conclusive diagnosis. And it seemed like she was on the right path, until yesterday afternoon. My sister and I got a call from my mum who in panic said that Lisen had collapsed and could not get up! Obviously we rushed over there immediately. And when we got to the house and saw Lisen on the floor, we knew. So off to the vet we went with her.

Lisen had given it all she had in her but she simply could not fight whatever it was any more.

Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend
Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend
The day I had dreaded ever since we brought our cute, furry, eight week old energy ball Lisen home had arrived.

But it became a calm, respectful and peaceful ending. Lisen knew it was time, I could tell by by her behaviour. She did not fight us, she was calm. And before it was time I whispered in her ear that it was OK to let go, which she did quite quickly - with a little help. So now she is free, running around with ease and playing with all the other wonderful souls who have moved on out there.

Now before I end this very emotional (for me) blog post I strongly feel I want to write a few words directed to my beloved friend Lisen, even though I know they probably do not have/read blogs where she is at right now (but who know's? ;-). Anyway, here it goes;

To Lisen : "I am deeply grateful for all the years I had the privilege to have you by my side, almost 13 (three weeks away). I have never met a more loving, loyal, supportive, entertaining, stubborn, mischievous, happy, extremely wise and food crazy dog, nor will I never meet one again I am sure - until we reunite of course. ;-)

I feel extremely happy and fortunate that it was precisely you and I who met on this journey of life. Because what would I had done without you in certain situations ..? (You know which ones I am talking about.) Both happy and sad. And if ever there was anyone I could count on through thick and it was you, always YOU. We sure have our secrets you and I my friend. ;-) So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, my beloved pup, for the time we had together - "My Little Lis " .

I will always love you more than words could ever express. You will forever be in my memories, in my heart and a part of my soul. My hope is that the rest of your family and I (the same of course) made your time here on Earth at least as happy as you did ours, because that would sure be a comfort for me. Though I will miss you like crazy you do not have to worry about me, I will be fine.

Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend
So you walk away now baby and enjoy your freedom. I will see you soon." ♥ ♥ ♥

R.I.P. Lisen 2001.03.17 - 2014.02.15


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