A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
August 29, 2021 1:12 PM

Earlier this summer I went on a two day summer excursion to Oland here in Sweden. With me was my sister and her then seven week old baby boy, Benjamin. So yes, I have become a proud first time auntie this year! Such a wonderful feeling! And what a wonderful summer excursion we had, with perfect summer weather! :p

It was Benjamin's first taste of travel life with my sister and I. And judging from Benjamin's reactions to being on the road, he will share his mum's and auntie's interest of traveling. Because he loved riding in the car, seeing new surroundings and visiting new places. So this excursion to Oland may have been Benjamin's first trip with us, but I am sure it will certainly not be the last. I look forward to many more!

Below are some photos from A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden earlier this summer.

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
On our way to Oland via the 6 kilometre-long Oland bridge that connects Sweden's second largest island - Oland, to the main land. Oland is located about 111 kilometres from where I live in Sweden, so not that far away.

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
Our first stop was at the northern part of the island, Trollskogen Nature Reserve.

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
If you translate Trollskogen to English it means Troll Forest. Such a cute name, lol. We did not see any trolls though. :p

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
A lovely shingle beach in Trollskogen Nature Reserve.

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
One of the hiking trails we walked along, with huge quirky trees.

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
Benjamin and I in Trollskogen Nature Reserve, just enjoying the moment.♥♥♥

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
After our visit to Trollskogen we headed off to our accommodation for the night, Guntorps Herrgard. Located in Borgholm in Oland. An accommodation I found through Booking.com.

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
We stayed in this spacious room with two single beds and a sofa bed. It also had a balcony and a big bathroom. The only complaint I had was that, because it was such a hot summer day, the room was very hot and there was no air condition or fan. Other than that the room had all we needed for our visit. Well, a coffee maker would had made the stay even better. :p

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
In the morning we had breakfast, which was included in the price, at this lovely porch overlooking the entrance to the main building at Guntorps Herrgard.

A Summer Excursion To Oland In Sweden
Yum! A perfect start to a new adventurous day on a summer excursion to Oland in Sweden.


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Winter Barbecue In Sweden
February 14, 2021 1:48 PM

Winter Barbecue In Sweden
My winter barbecue in Sweden yesterday!

We finally had some decent amount of snow here in Sweden this week. With some really cold temperatures, about −13 °C (8.6 ℉) some mornings. I actually welcome this wonderful winter weather. Because it was a few years ago since we had it here in southern Sweden, so yippee! It brightens up the days I think. Especially when the sky is blue and the sun is out, like yesterday. When the enchanting mix of cold and warm weather enticed me to bring out the barbie to enjoy a lovely winter barbecue in Sweden!

Below are some more photos of my yummy winter barbecue in Sweden yesterday.

Winter Barbecue In Sweden

Winter Barbecue In Sweden

Winter Barbecue In Sweden
Soaking up the winter sun while waiting for the fire to set.

Winter Barbecue In Sweden
Let's go.

Winter Barbecue In Sweden

Winter Barbecue In Sweden

Winter Barbecue In Sweden
Eat! Barbecued sausage with mustard, ketchup, french dressing and roasted onions. Yuuuummy!!!

I truly had a wonderful Saturday outside in my garden yesterday. It was actually the first time I had barbecued like this at home in winter time, but certainly not the last! :p


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How to Travel From Calgary to Banff by Bus
February 9, 2021 1:49 PM

How to Travel From Calgary to Banff by Bus

Irrespective of how you get to Calgary, as soon as the biggest city in Alberta is in view, the western side ahead of you holds a pleasant appeal. The Rocky Mountain’s jagged peaks line the distant horizon ahead. In the winter season, they are suitable for dogsledding or skiing. And in the summer months, their ridges and valleys become great hiking trails.

At the base of this amazing view is the popular resort town, Banff. The outdoor activities and stunning scenery are the main attractions. But the town is situated within the Banff National Park and it holds an appeal for all. Think about soaking yourself in the hot spring the hot spring, the menus for fine dining, the museums that display the unique history of the town, and more.

Calgary might be a destination worth visiting but it is easy to get to Banff from there and the town also attracts a lot of people. In this article, we will explore how you can travel to Banff from Calgary. We will also discuss some fun activities you could do on your trip.

Things to Know About the Route
When traveling to Banff from Calgary, the distance will vary depending on the route you take. There are two routes: the scenic route and the fast route.

The Scenic Route
When making a return trip to Calgary from Banff, you could consider following Highway 1A via Cochrane, then connect to Highway 1 close to Morley. The distance to Banff from Calgary through this route is about 134 kilometers. This is approximately 2 hours of driving.

The Fast Route
You can take Highway 1 (Trans-Canada) to make the trip faster. The distance via this route is about 127 kilometers. Also, the estimated driving time is 1 hour 30 minutes.

You can click here to find more alternative driving routes.

It is important to note that the above estimated times are for driving under optimal conditions. They do not necessarily represent winter driving or peak traffic. The weekends are usually busy, so if you plan to travel on Friday night and return on Sunday, you should probably expect to spend extra time on transit.

Going to Banff from Calgary by Bus
How to Travel From Calgary to Banff by Bus

Traveling by bus is an awesome idea for people who really want to relax and enjoy Banff’s beautiful scenery. Different shuttle options are available for this trip. They are:

1. Brewster Express
This company has connected Calgary to Jasper, Lake Louise, Kananaskis, Canmore, and Banff for one hundred and twenty-five years. You can book a one-way trip to Banff from Calgary for $72. You can also save 15 percent when you book a round-trip for $123 per passenger. The company offers a departure from downtown Calgary and the airport to your choice of hotel in Banff.

2. Sundog Transportation and Tour
Sundog is a shuttle service that runs all through the months of winter alone. They offer sightseeing tours around Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Edmonton, and Calgary. During the summer periods, they change their schedule. They also offer private transportation and airport shuttles.

3. Banff Airporter
This transport company provides a more extensive shuttle service between Banff and Calgary. They start very early from Banff, around 3 am, and depart very late from the International Airport at Calgary, around midnight. You could get a round-trip for $132 or one-way for $65.99. However, children who are under the age of 5 do not pay anything.

4. On-It Transit Service
It is one of the easiest and affordable ways to travel to Banff from Calgary on weekends. The amazing part is the price of tickets - $10 only. The bus takes off from different transit spots as well as downtown Calgary. However, it will not stop when it gets to the airport.

5. AM PM Limousines
This company offers luxurious travel on a party bus. The rates differ depending on the population of people onboard and the type of vehicle you choose from the fleet. They have classy vehicles.

You can take some time to look through websites like http://www.inorbis.ca/calgary-to-banff-bus/ where you can get more information about bus service to Banff.

Fun Activities to Do in Banff
How to Travel From Calgary to Banff by Bus

There are many things you can do in Banff including various tourist attractions, natural attractions, sightseeing, ski resorts, hiking trails, and more.

1. Downtown
The town is charming, and it has a big, major street featuring a very impressive mountain standing at its end. You could take a walking tour with a guide to find out all you can about the place.

During the summer periods, you will find flowers on the electric poles. In winter, the place feels like a wonderland in the movies. Additionally, there are various restaurants, bars, and candy shops. And you will also find a mall and several souvenir shops.

2. The National Historic Site – Cave and Basin
This location made Banff what it is today, a national park. This is because hot springs were found there. A visit to the site will teach you a lot about the town. You can gain entrance into the park with just a little fee or a free entrance if you have a pass. You would also find a beautiful cave that contains rare species of snails.

3. The Gondola
A trip on the gondola could make you feel like you are standing on the globe. It takes you to the apex of the Sulphur Mountain and gives you a panoramic view of the town. There are various platforms that give you different views. There is also a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a bar.

The gondola is a bit costly, but you could hike up there to save some money. There is a trail from the beginning of the gondola, and it will take you about 2 hours to get to its summit. Then you can hike back to where you started from or go with the gondola. It could be free on some days while on some other days, you would pay half the price.

4. Hikes
How to Travel From Calgary to Banff by Bus

Hiking is a very popular activity in the town when it is summer. Because the Rocky Mountains are very beautiful and wild, they provide a lot of trails for hiking and all kinds of fitness activities. There are lots of multi-day hiking, half-day hiking, and full-day hiking.

Some trails are quite easy and flat while others will lead you to the mountain top. Some hikes near the town that do not require a lot of training are Sulphur Mountain, Tunnel Mountain, Sunshine Meadows, Boom Lake, Johnston Canyon, and Sundance Canyon.

5. Helicopter Tours
Whether it is winter or summer, you can go flightseeing over the National Park. This is one of the cool things to do around the town. If you have always thought the Rockies looked spectacular from ground level, imagine their appearance when you are in a helicopter.

Helicopter tours are available all through the year. But this depends on the weather and the flights can last from twenty minutes to about an hour. You could even take a flight to the mountain top where you could have dinner, do yoga, go hiking, or just get married. There are endless possibilities.

6. The Castle
This location is also known as the Fairmont Springs. It has the resemblance of a castle. The hotel is beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. And even if you are not lodging there, you can tour.

There are some restaurants in the castle. And a tour here is just what a foodie needs for a complete adventure. You can check this website to read more about the castle.

Going to Banff by bus is suitable if you do not want to use a car or other alternatives. We outlined some transport companies that offer shuttle services. And we discussed some fun activities you could do when you arrive in Banff. Bon voyage!

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Celebrating Lucia With A Lucia Lenten Bun
December 13, 2020 10:12 AM

Today we celebrate Lucia here in Sweden. Which means listening to Lucia and her entourage singing Christmas carols and eating Lucia cats. Now I love traditions and eating traditional food and pastries that comes along with them. But this year I thought I would try a different version of our traditional Lucia cat, a Lucia Lenten bun.

A Lucia Lenten bun is a mixture between two traditional Swedish pastries, the Lucia cat and the Lenten bun. The Lenten bun is eaten on another Swedish traditional day, Fat Tuesday. The idea of the Lucia Lenten bun is something I have seen in ads and around the Internet. And it really stuck with me because I love both those pastries. Therefore I thought I would try and make a Lucia Lenten bun for Lucia this year.

Below are photos of my version of the Lucia Lenten bun I made this Lucia morning here in Sweden.

Celebrating Lucia With A Lucia Lenten Bun
Celebrating Lucia 2020 with a Lucia Lenten bun.

Celebrating Lucia With A Lucia Lenten Bun
To make my Lucia Lenten bun I used a homemade Lucia cat (made by my sister and my mum), almond icing, spray whipped cream and some icing sugar. Because I used spray whipped cream I had to eat it quickly, because otherwise the cream would have melt.

I really enjoyed the Lucia Lenten bun. It felt a bit more luxurious to eat than a traditional Lucia cat. Although I could never eat quite as many of the Lucia Lenten buns as of the Lucia cats in one time, because the Lucia Lenten bun is a bit more heavy and sweet than a Lucia cat. But now I know how a Lucia Lenten bun tastes like and for that I am very happy. :p

Happy Lucia 2020 from Sweden!

To read more about how and why we celebrate Lucia check out my blog post: Lucia In Sweden.


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