Six Months Of Transformations
June 11, 2017 6:51 PM

It has been almost six months since my last update here. Six months that has been dominated by transformations and changes in my life - both inward and outward. I am not done yet, but I have gathered some photos to try and recap some of these events. I have also picked out a few photos to represent the changes of the seasons here in Nättraby in Sweden since my last post.

The Renovation
Four months ago I hired a contractor to change all the pipe systems, renovate my two bathrooms and wash room (partly). A BIG project in other words! The renovation could have been done a few weeks ago, but what can I say - contracters... They are a special kind of workers, no rush kind of workers (at least here in Sweden).

Below are a few photos of this No Rush Renovation of my house. Hehe.

Six Months Of Transformations
Laying new pipes.

Six Months Of Transformations

Six Months Of Transformations
Drill, drill, drill.

Six Months Of Transformations
In the middle of the renovation, what happened - MICE found their way in to the house (roof and walls). I really did not want to kill them but finally I just had no choice... :(

Six Months Of Transformations Six Months Of Transformations
Before and after, not quite done.

Six Months Of Transformations Six Months Of Transformations
Before and after, not quite done.

The Seasons
Six months - three seasons in Nättraby, Sweden.

Six Months Of Transformations

Six Months Of Transformations

Six Months Of Transformations
Summer. I took this photo today on my morning walk. :-)

My Weight Loss Journey
Now I have never really been over weight in my life until a few years ago when I gained about 30 kilos (66 pounds), mostly because of medications I took with the side effect of an increased apitite. Finally last August I stopped to take them. I thought the weight would just melt off me, but no! I lost about 4 - 5 kilos (10 punds) then nothing more happened. I was devastated!

Luckily at the of December last year I read about the Low Carb High Fat diet and started to eat like that, wow! In five and a half months I have lost 15 kilos (33 pounds) and I feel amazing! I love that diet! It works great for me. I have also started to take long walks 4 -5 times a week and a few weeks ago I started to go to the gym again. Yay! :p

Six Months Of Transformations Six Months Of Transformations
Before: this photo was taken on Christmas Eve last year, the big eat day of the year, so of course I was very happy! Lol! After: a few weeks ago. I took this photo after my walk, so of course I felt very happy then as well. :-)

Like I said, a lot has happened these past six months. It has been a very hectic and stressfull time, but also a time where I have learned a lot about myself and my house. And the funny thing is, I have realized that we are a lot a like my house and I - a slow work in progress. Who knows how this will turn out?


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Six Months Of Transformations
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