15 wacky headshots of ME
April 11, 2011 4:39 PM

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So I'm a bit, ehum, me. And sometimes I just get weird impulses to do things like this. I mean, I have no idea how I got this idea. Which, on the other hand, is usually how most of my posts emerge. Anyway, yesterday while I was sitting on my balcony and playing with my iphone, all of a sudden I thought it would be fun to take a pic of me. So I did.

However I didn't like that one. So I took one more, and one more and so on... Until I had waaayyy too many pics of myself, lol! But then I thought, why not post some of them? Just to remind myself that I'm alive and just being, ehum, me. So here are a few of the pics:


Serious try.

Eye see

El skeptico

Just - ehum - ME

/A.L :-)
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