2013 Rear-View And Gratitude
December 31, 2013 1:19 PM

2013 Rear-View And Gratitude

And so another year has passed... I am not quite sure what to think about that. But what I do know is that I am grateful for all the lessons this year has taught me and for all the lessons I have not yet been able to make sense of from this year. Because, although I have found it difficult to see clearly from time to time in 2013, I do know for a fact that whatever has happened in my life this year was exactly what what was supposed to happen and that it happened exactly when it was supposed to happen (I hope you followed me there, hehe.).

Now the reason I am so sure of this is because of my unshakeable faith in the Universe and its ability to guide me to where I need to go. Because, as far as I am concerned, some of the most important responsibilities I have in this world are to be present, awake and all ears - not always the easiest things though... Therefore my main goals for next year are to be more present, attentive and to listen to life without judgment. A bit unorthodox new year's resolutions perhaps, but that is where I am at in my life right know. Trying to make sense out of events I find hard to see any sense in.

Anyway. Of course the year of 2013 have been filled with many happy, wonderful and amazing moments I am very grateful for as well. Below are some of those moments :p

Major Changes And Mixed Emotions
Number 5. Major Changes And Mixed Emotions - I got a new job.

Come Back From Cyprus
Number 4. Come Back From Cyprus - My week in Cyprus.

Some Snaps Of The Swedish Country Side
Number 3. Some Snaps Of The Swedish Country Side - My photo got published in the local newspaper.

Three Years Ago - Blogoversary
Number 2. Three Years Ago - Blogoversary - So proud of myself for making it this long!

Happy Birthday My Dear Twelve-Year-Old
Number 1. Happy Birthday My Dear Twelve-Year-Old - Always deeply grateful for each year I get to spend with my beloved Lisen!

To end this post, and this year, I sincerely want to say: "Thank You 2013!". And Thank You to all of you beautiful souls out there who visit, comment, email me and/or show your support to this blog in any way. I whole heartedly appreciate every single one of you!

Finally, I wish you all a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2014! Cheeeers And Happy New Year Ya'll!! :p

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