Crazy Farmers Day Market in Ronneby
July 18, 2011 10:22 PM

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I recently visited a lovely market called Tosia Bonnadan - Crazy Farmers Day in my neighbour town Ronneby in Sweden. Ronneby is about 30 kilometres from Karlskrona where I live. And it was a beautiful photogenic day so of course I snapped some shots while I was there. :p

Many of the market stands were lined up along the Ronnebyån - Ronneby river.

The Crazy Farmers Market is quite popular and attracts about 100 000 visitors during its three days every year. Quite a lot of people for a town with about 29 000 inhabitants.

A fun and refreshing market stand/truck this year was this flower auction type of event thingy, something I had never seen before. An energetic, "mad scientist" type of guy shouted out with German accent from his flower truck that he sold the cheapest and best flowers of the entire market. Boy was he popular! Not only among those who wanted to buy some cheap flowers but also among those who just wanted a bit of entertainment. Lol!

Langos!!! Yay! I simply cannot leave a market without eating one of these babies!!! Lol! However I didn't order my usual toppings this time. Instead of red onions and caviar I had pineapple and curry with shrimps and sour cream on my Lango. A combination I'll definitely eat again! Hm... Which reminds me... I have to find out when the next nearby market is. Because now I feel like eating Langooooooos! :p

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