Diva En Garde
April 8, 2011 7:54 PM

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In the pic above is Diva, my sisters dog (Lisens daughter), on the look out in my mums garden this afternoon. Even though Diva live with my sister, I consider her my family as well. I mean I have known her since she was born so she definitely has a place in my heart. And today I took care of her because my sister was away. So I thought I'd share some photos our day together. :-)

Now Diva loves to guard. So she's always on the look out for whatever, and as soon as she hear or see anything she lets us know. And on those occasions she get our attention and we go to her (like when she spotted a moose), her face lights up and she transforms into the proudest dog on earth. Which I find is a truly beautiful sight.

So below are some pics of Diva En Garde today.





Wanna visit? Lisen (left) and Diva (right). Hehe. :p

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