EMC Certification Exam for Symmetrix Solutions Specialists
January 4, 2013 3:26 PM

EMC’s E20-517 exam is a product specific qualification exam that validates your Symmetrix skill and knowledge as a standalone exam and which can also be a step in the Symmetrix Solutions Specialist certification track from EMC.

There are 60 questions that appear on the EMC E20-517 exam, covering a range of topics pertinent to the use of Symmetrix solutions in an open system environment. In addition to requiring you to demonstrate your knowledge of Symmetrix architecture and integration options, you must also be familiar with a number of other products, including the manner in which they work in conjunction with Symmetrix solutions. These can include, but are not limited to: SMC Open Replicator, TimeFinder, and PowerPath.

In addition to requiring mastery of Symmetrix solutions in open systems, the E20-517 exam also requires you understand Federated Live Migration and are able to efficiently and effectively utilize Solutions Enabler. Working within the Management Console to install, configure and troubleshoot servers is also a crucial component of the skills you must demonstrate on the E20-517 exam.

EMC offers numerous exam preparation tools and courses for testing candidates. Instructor led training and video and online training are available. Free practice tests are also offered by EMC to help you prepare for the E20-517 exam. Resources offered by other sites, like TestsLive.com, can also be beneficial in your preparation studies. Practice exams and tutorials are both excellent tools that can help you achieve a higher score on your EMC certification exam and will help you master the essential testing materials before scheduling your test.
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