Fruits and flowers along the way
July 22, 2011 4:35 PM

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Lately the Swedish weather has been dominated by clouds and rain. Not the perfect summer conditions, but a pretty great weather combination for Lisen and I to walk in. So yesterday we went on a 6k walk to visit my sister. Along the way grew lots of lovely colorful flowers and wild fruits like cherries, raspberries and apples. In other words - it was a perfect photo opportunity for me! :p

At the start of the main road of fruits and flowers.


Yum for me! Yuck for Lisen.


Another yum for me! Not so much for Lisen.

Rowanberries. Hm. More beautiful than yum for either of us, hehe.

Lovely wildflowers! Not sure what they are called though...


Not sure if you can see it but the raspberries (bottom middle) grow right next to the wildflowers and rowanberries.

And here we are a bit further down the road where apple trees grow.

Big apple trees!

Packed with apples. Not ready to eat yet though.

My good doggy Lisen. Who had to do a lot of waiting along the way because I took so many photos. Oh well, I'm sure she didn't mind (too much). And in the end we arrived safely at my sisters where we had a nice visit. So it was a "fruitful" day indeed! :p

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