Leaf market time in Karlskrona!
June 25, 2011 8:11 PM

Yay! Now the Leaf market is a truly traditional Karlskrona market, in fact this market has been a yearly tradition in Karlskrona for over 200 years.

It's also the first major market of the summer season so it's always packed with people.

Originally the Leaf market was when farmers went into town to sell shrubs and flowers, which were used as decorations around farms. And although flowers still are a popular part of the market today, there are a lot of other things for sale at the market stalls as well.

Like handcraft.

Brända mandlar - Roasted almonds covered in melted sugar. These are so good! Especially when they are freshly made.

Home made candy.

Old fashioned chocolate covered cream buns.

Which look like this inside. But the white stuff is not cream, it's whipped egg white.

Swedish strawberries, which are a huge seller at the Leaf market. This is of course because the Leaf market take place the day (always a Thursday) before Midsummer's Eve. And something you HAVE TO EAT on Midsummer's Eve is strawberry cake!!!

Another very popular berry at the Leaf market is Bigarrå - a sort of Cherry.

Of course all this walking around creates an appetite! And my favourite market food to eat is Langos! And there are plenty of Lango carts to choose from at this market.

Langos is not a Swedish speciality though, it's a Hungarian dish. It consists of fried bread with different toppings. I love to have sour cream, shrimps, caviar and red onions on my Lango. It's sort of like a mini pizza when I think about it.

And here I am devouring a Lango at the Leaf market. So tasty!!!!

A major concern each year is how the weather is going to turn out on the day of the Leaf market. But I have to say that, although there were a few rain clouds in the sky, the weather was pretty nice at Karlskronas Leaf market this year. :-)

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