Lyckeby river and The Crown Mill in Sweden
July 7, 2011 3:30 PM

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Even though I live in quite a small suburb called Lyckeby, a few kilometres outside of Karlskrona in Sweden, there sure are a lot of things to see around here! Like:

Lyckeby river. Lyckeby river is a 90 kilometres long river that flows through south-eastern Småland and East Blekinge in Sweden. And I pass this river many times around different places in Lyckeby on my walks with Lisen.

One of my favourite places to see this river is from this little bridge about 5 minutes from my home. And I love the sound of the waterfall here! I also really enjoy to see the water run through the mill.

So I recorded this panoramic view video from the bridge with the hopes of making Lyckeby river more vivid to you.

The Crown Mill (orange building) lies next to Lyckeby river. The bridge I recorded the video from is right behind the mill.

The Crown Mill info sign. Which is where I found out that:

Another interesting, and perhaps unexpected, fact about The Crown Mill in Lyckeby is that it's actually part of the World Heritage list. A list where the most outstanding cultural and natural environments in the world that are of great importance for all humanity, like the pyramids of Egypt, are included. (Find out more about the World Heritage list at:

These are just two of the Lyckeby sights which make the small suburb of Lyckeby in Sweden a lot of fun to walk around in! At least I think so! :p


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