My Swedish Midsummer Giveaway
Open Worldwide (CLOSED)
June 12, 2011 4:41 PM

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Giveaway time!!! Because it's Midsummer in Sweden in two weeks (June 24th) I felt a Midsummer theme would be appropriate for this Giveaway. I mean, to me there is nothing more Swedish than Midsummer! This means that the prizes consist of a few typical Midsummer items and some Swedish treats. The winner will be picked in a live broadcast drawing via my Ustream channel on Monday June 20th, I will be back with the exact time later.

Before I get into the details of this giveaway I want to share a bit about our Midsummer tradition. So Midsummer is a Swedish tradition we celebrate by dressing up a Midsummer pole with flowers and then dancing around it. A traditional Midsummer headwear on this day is a Midsummer flower crown. Some traditional food we eat on this day are pickled herring, boiled new potatoes and sour cream with fresh chives. To drink - snaps (shots) preferably P.O Andersson. Dessert always consist of strawberry cake.

Left pic: We are dancing around a Midsummer pole in the eighties sometime. Right pic: Me wearing a traditional Midsummer flower crown (a long time ago, lol).

For more info
about Midsummer Eve check out my Swedish Traditions page.

The prizes

- A wooden Midsummer pole
- A Midsummer plastic flower crown
- A can of a typical Swedish pickled herring
- Napkins with Swedish flag motive
- 12 small plastic plates with Swedish motives
- Two wooden butter knives
- A car air freshener with Swedish motive
- Swedish crispbread
- Some popular Swedish candy; three different kinds of salt liquorice candy.
- A postcard with motives from my hometown Karlskrona

Giveaway rules!

One entry per person.

To enter simply answer this question in a comment below:

Question -->What is your favourite tradition/celebration and why?

My answer:

My favourite tradition is actually Midsummer Eve. It's such a fun, simple and family friendly tradition. With family and friends we eat good simple food, dance, play games and enjoy a snaps (shot) or two. A wonderful outdoor tradition indeed!

Disclaimer - Please read
This Giveaway is Open Worldwide. The package will be sent with a tracking code on it and I will pay for all delivery costs. I will send one package once. And because the delivery process is out of my control I cannot guarantee its safe arrival. However, the winner will have the option to receive 25 US Dollars via PayPal instead of the Giveaway package. Good luck! :p

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