My weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden - lots of photos!
June 22, 2011 0:46 AM

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I spent this weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden, visiting friends. Now I have been to Gothenburg a few times before, however I have not really done any proper sightseeing. So I decided to do that this time. And of course I brought my camera and took a ton of photos! :p

So the first thing I associate with Gothenburg is trams. Much in the same way I associate trams with San Francisco. Actually, Gothenburg has the largest tram system in Sweden and trams have been in traffic in Gothenburg since 1879. The carts were pulled by horses until 1902, which is when the first electrical tram was introduced.

Left pic: tram line number 12, also known as Lisebergslinjen. This is a museum tram line with trams from as early as 1902. Right pic: some modern trams.

Nordstan mall. I didn't do any shopping this weekend because I wanted to focus on sightseeing, but we did park the car in the garage of Scandinavia's largest mall - Nordstan (in the pic). In fact Nordstan mall is also one of Northern Europe's largest malls measured in terms of total area (320 000 m² or 3 444 451 ft²) and number of stores (200).

Paddan sightseeing (Paddan - toad in English). On to some proper sightseeing then! We chose to try the popular Paddan sightseeing boats that run along the river Göta Älv. These boats have been in business ever since 1939. And it was definitely a fun way to learn about and see Gothenburg.

Paddan sightseeing tour. But there are a lot of bridges along Göta Älv, like "The Cheese Slice Bridge"
(bottom pics). Where, if the water is high enough (like when we went) you have to get down on the floor and duck so the boat can fit under the bridge.

Paddan sightseeing tour. Paddan seen from Göta Älv Bridge.

Paddan sightseeing tour. View from Paddan.

Left pic: Gothenburg Opera House, built in 1994 and shaped as a ship (was the idea anyway). Right pic: The red and white building which locals refer to as "The Lip Stick". Its real name is Skanskaskrapan and it's mainly an office building. Although a café is located at the top floor where you can have some coffee and enjoy the view.

Göteborgshjulet - Wheel of Gothenburg. This Ferris Wheel first opened on May 22, 2010. Today it's located at Kanaltorget - Channel square, however it will be moved to the amusement park Liseberg in 2012.

View from Göteborgshjulet - Wheel of Gothenburg. Unfortunately it had started to rain when we went on it and the raindrops on the windows made it hard for me to get any good photos of the view. But this is a decent is one.

Avenyn. Avenyn is probably the most well known street in Gothenburg. It's packed with shops, restaurants, night clubs and theatres. I had an awesome hamburger along this street at the Italian-American restaurant Joe Farelli's, yum!

Gustaf Adolf's square. A popular sightseeing stop indeed. King Gustaf II Adolf founded Gothenburg in 1621. However, the square was originally named Big square. But in 1854, when the statue of King Gustaf II Adolf of Sweden was placed there, the square became known as Gustaf Adolf's square instead.

Saluhallen. Saluhallen is a covered food market with tons of fresh, fun and unusual foods! Like Moose snacks - Älg snacks (
bottom right pic), hehe.

Skansen Kronan in Haga, Gothenburg. This is an old defence construction built between 1687-1700. It's located on a small mountain called Risåsberget in Haga, a few kilometres outside Gothenburg. Today this building is used as celebration premises, it's also a great place to enjoy some spectacular views of Gothenburg (for free).

Views from Skansen Kronan in Haga, Gothenburg. I must say it was the best views of the whole day, and it didn't cost a penny. Just a climb up about 195 steep stairs and a small (but also steep) hill, PHEW! I had no idea my fitness level had dropped so dramatically! Yikes!

amusement park, Gothenburg. We spent Saturday evening at Gothenburgs awesome amusement park Liseberg. I love this one!!! It has been in open since 1923.

Flumeride at Liseberg amusement park. I love this ride! It's like a mini roller coaster in water. :p

AtmosFear at Liseberg amusement park. This new attraction is called AtmosFear, ooo! Lol! It's Europe's highest free fall. From 146 meters above sea level you free fall at 110 km/h straight down before the attraction abruptly slows down. Now I have gone on an attraction like this one called Free Fall at Gröna Lund (amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden). It was probably a few meters shorter but I'm sure my experience would be pretty much the same on AtmosFear - CANNOT BREATHE or see!!! So, nah. I didn't try this one. Hehe.

Balder roller coaster at Liseberg amusement park. Balder is a roller coaster completely made out of wood. It's also the largest single investment Liseberg has ever made in an attraction so far, which is more than 100 million SEK or 15 099 809 USD. And I did actually ride on this one!!!

Me on Balder the roller coaster (right pic)!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! They had cameras that took photos when we came down one of the steepest hills. LOL! But I must say that the ride wasn't as scary (a good thing) as I thought. I think I probably had raised my expectations of what it would be like (getting slammed from side to side, not being able to breathe, being pushed down in the seat by gravitation) a biiiiiit to much. So it was a very, very, fun ride on da roller coaster for me!

So all in all I had a great, and very active, weekend in Gothenburg! :p

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