Halloween Safety Suggestions for Dog Owners - World Wide Giveaway!
October 23, 2015 5:44 PM

Halloween is a fun holiday that the whole family can enjoy - dogs included! Choosing costumes, dressing up, decorating your home, and trick-or-treating are just some of the fun activities you may enjoy each October. While all the festivities have a spooky air about them, the last thing you want to do is really encounter a scare. Following a few important safety measures will keep the vulnerable dog in your household safe this Halloween. From utilizing the best dog fence to keep them contained, to placing the candy bowl out-of-reach, here are some of the things you should keep in mind this Halloween season.

Keep Your Dog Contained Indoors
During trick-or-treating hours, there’s a lot of excitement going on around your house. Small children in costumes walking up and down the street and ringing your doorbell may put your dog in a hyper state, so it’s essential to keep your dog locked in a separate room. If you want to keep your dog in a room with a view of the front door, you can use a gate combined with an indoor wireless dog fence for maximum protection. This will ensure they can’t bolt out of the door or jump on any visitors. Don’t leave your dog outside unattended, even if you have a fence. If you have an underground dog fence, mark the perimeter with flags so people don’t accidentally cross the boundary and wind up in your dog’s territory.

Be Cautious with Costumes
It can be very entertaining to dress your dog up for Halloween, but be sure to do it in a practical way. Put the costume on your dog several times before Halloween night, so that your dog gets used to it. Make sure it fits properly and does not restrict your dog’s breathing or cut off their circulation. Don’t put on a costume with small accessories like buttons, because your dog could choke on them if they fall off. Reflective material should be used whenever possible. If you’re walking your dog at night, be sure to use a reflective or LED collar, leash, or harness. If your dog has an e-collar for a wire dog fence, you can remove it when they’re on a leash, but never remove their ID tags.

Safely Decorate Your Home
Decorations will brighten up your home, but it’s important to consider your dog’s safety while you’re placing them. Edible elements like pumpkins, corn, or hay should be kept in places your dog can’t get to. While they aren’t poisonous, ingesting them can lead to serious problems like intestinal blockages or choking. At the very least, they may cause a stomach ache. Electrical cords and wires should be covered or kept out-of-reach, too. If you light any candles, make sure they’re up high enough that your dog won’t accidentally knock them over and start a fire.

Don’t Give Your Dog Sweets
While Halloween is an excellent excuse to indulge in plenty of candy and sweets, don’t share any with your dog. Chocolate and xylitol, a sugar substitute, are poisonous to dogs, so make sure the candy bowl isn’t within reach. If your dog does ingest candy and begins showing signs of sickness, call your local vet’s office immediately. Make sure your children keep their candy stashes in safe places, too. If you want your dog to share in the sweet-eating fun, purchase them some special dog treats prior to Halloween so they’ll have something to enjoy safely, too.

If you keep all of these tips in mind, everyone - including your dog - can enjoy Halloween without any unexpected frights. Remember that losing your dog on Halloween is the most common danger, so check your fence for damage or ensure your invisible dog fence has a backup power source before leaving them unattended in the yard. Also make sure your dog’s ID tags have updated contact information on them. The safest solution, however, is to keep them indoors!

These Halloween safety tips were provided by our educational partner www.dogfencediy.com; please visit their website for more information on invisible dog fence options. We encourage you to share your own top safety tips in the comment section!

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Halloween Safety Suggestions for Dog Owners - World Wide Giveaway!
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