Princess Cake Craving
May 4, 2011 10:13 PM

Earlier today I had a strong craving for Prinsesstårta - Princess Cake. And because I could not find any valid reason to resist it, to the store I went! :p

And this the piece I bought. Not a whole cake, but a smaller version of a Princess Cake. Which is just as yuuummy!!!

I also thought it would be fun to share some facts about Princess Cake. So here we go:

- The first princess cake recipe was published in "Prinsessornas kokbok" (The Princesses cookbook), written by household teacher Jenny Åkerström in the 1930s.

- In her cookbook Jenny first referred to this cake as "Green cake". The name eventually changed into Princess Cake because her students, the princesses Martha, Margaret and Astrid (daughters of Prince Carl and Princess Ingeborg) was said to have been especially fond of this cake.

- A classic Princess Cake is made of sponge cake, whipped cream, custard, mixture of whipped cream and custard, and covered with green marzipan. It's usually decorated with a thin layer of icing sugar on top and a red marzipan rose or something similar.

- Even though most Princess Cake recipes today contain jam, it was not included in the original recipe. A classic Princess Cake should also have whipped cream (not sponge cake) immediately below the marzipan layer.

- Each year approximately 500 000 Princess Cakes are sold in Sweden.

- You can find a recipe of a Princess Cake at --> Princess Cake recipe

Sources: Wikipedia

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