Spring and struggle
March 31, 2011 3:49 PM

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Today I finally saw some bloomed wild flowers on my walk with Lisen, yay! This to me symbolizes that it's now officially spring here in Sweden.

Here they are. These flowers are called Snödroppar in Swedish, meaning Snow drops. And I love the flower in front in the pic. Because most of the Snow drops here grew in groups, except this one. It proudly stood all alone in front of all the other Snow drops. Like a little flower guard.

Which can be seen more clearly in this pic. I found it cool anyway, hehe.

So I said I saw these flowers on my "walk" with Lisen. Well, she is not much in the mood for long walks these days. This is because she is now in her post heat cycle, which means she believes she is pregnant for about two months. And at this moment she just wants to be home and rest. But I try to drag her along on walks anyway.

And this is how it looks...

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