Vacuum Cleaner - A Swedish Pastry
July 24, 2011 5:59 PM


Besides being called Dammsugare - Vacuum Cleaner this pastry/coffee cake is also known in Sweden as Punschrulle - Punch Roll and Arraksrulle - Arrack Roll. Names it has been given in reference to its appearance and flavor. Although I'm sure it goes by other names as well.

The outside of this pastry is made out of green marzipan which has been dipped in chocolate. Inside is a mix of cookie crumbs, punch liqueur, butter and cocoa powder.

The tale is that confectioners in the olden days used to gather cookie crumbs from the floor ("vacuum") then mix in punch liqueur to cover up the taste of old crumbs. So the name Dammsugare - Vacuum cleaner of course refers to the practice of gathering crumbs to put inside the pastry. Punch/Arrack Roll refers the liqueur taste of the pastry (arrack is an ingredient in punch liqueur).

The origin of this pastry however is a bit unclear because several different confectioners have claimed they invented it or learned how to make it from some unknown confectioner. Which also makes it difficult to pin point a year or country of origin for this pastry. But the Dammsugare - Vacuum Cleaner is widely known as a Swedish pastry and it can be traced back to the early 1900s in Sweden.

Today this pastry is one of Swedens most loved coffe cakes and we eat millions of them every year.

The reason I even wrote this post is because I got treated to these home made Dammsugare - Vacuum Cleaners yesterday at my mums. She had never made them before so they looked a bit, ehum, well home made. Hehe. But they tasted great!!! So Thank You mum! :p

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Vacuum cleaners/Punch Rolls/Arracks Rolls

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