Views from the highest point
in Karlskrona, Sweden

July 10, 2011 10:04 PM

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I got a gift card from my mum a while back for an afternoon buffet at a local cafe called Cafe Utkiken - Cafe Lookout here in Karlskrona, Sweden. This cafe is located at the highest point in Karlskrona which is called Bryggareberget - Brewer Hill. So of course I grabbed my camera and shot a ton of photos while I was up there. Below are some of them.

The name of the road up to Bryggareberget is Kärleksstigen - Love Trail. Such a cute name I think, hehe.

View of Karlskrona from Bryggareberget. The big roof in the photo belongs to the old German Brewery estate. This brewery was founded by the German brewster Philip Kraan in 1693 and was in business until 1972. Today the estate is used for offices.

Another view of Karlskrona. Actually the city of Karlskrona is made out of a bunch of small islands.

Straight ahead is Karlskronas main island called Trossö which is where our city centre is.

To the right is Karlskronas main road called Österleden which leads into Trossö.

View of the other side of Österleden.

Almost looks like I live in a jungle. Lol!

Karlskrona water tower is also located at Bryggareberget.

Cafe Utkiken at Bryggareberget. Which is where I had my afternoon buffet.

It was very hot outside on this day so we sat downstairs in the shade instead of on the balcony.

And this is what my gift card bought me. A baked potato, baguette, different fillings, pasta salad and other different salads. Everything tasted alright.

But the best part about Bryggareberget is of course the views! :p

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