Waffle Day in Sweden - yum, yum!
March 25, 2011 7:05 PM

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Today is another delicious day in Sweden, called Waffle Day - Våffeldagen. Man I love all of these days that are devoted to different foods or bakery, hehe. Now the reason we celebrate Waffle Day, and eat waffles in Sweden on this day, is actually said to be caused by a simple hearing mistake.

Well, this day is also named Marie bebådelsedag - Annunciation Day in our calender, originally known as Vårfrudagen - Lady Day in Sweden. And because the Swedish word Vårfru and the Swedish word våffla (waffle) sound almost the same, with time Vårfrudagen slowly changed into Våffeldagen.

And in these special waffle irons we make our waffles.

They are then served thin and crispy with jam and whipped cream. The waffle in the pic is now resting in my stomach. Hehe. :p

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