A Guide To Walking In Majorca
June 13, 2013 7:58 PM

A guide to walking in Majorca
Majorca might strike you as a party island that has nothing more to offer its visitors, but this could not be further from the truth. Sure, its nightlife scene is buzzing and sometimes raucous, but its scenery is beautiful and there are lots of things to do for those who prefer romping around the countryside to sipping overpriced cocktails in a sweaty bar.

If you are keen on outdoor pursuits, consider packing your walking boots and exploring the beautiful mountains and lush valleys of the Balearic island.

Read on to find out more about the hiking opportunities before booking your cheap holiday to Majorca with Cosmos.

Where to walk

There are so many routes to choose from, but if you want to see the Majorcan coastline in all its glory, make Ses Salines your starting point. Enjoy the gentle breeze skimming over the ocean as you ramble west along the coast, then stop for lunch at the beautiful powdery beach of Es Trenc.

If you'd prefer to explore the Tramuntana mountains that form the backbone of the island, catch the bus to Caimari and walk to the historic monastery at Escorca. The route takes about three hours for determined hikers and you'll get to see the most incredible views as you pass El Barracar and the valley of Aubarca.

To see a bit more about the locals' way of life, follow the walk devised by Archduke Ludwig Salvator as he toured his estates by mule more than 100 years ago. Start at Valldemossa near the west coast and pass through 13km of countryside, coastline and village life. Have a look out for the round charcoal ovens known as sifjas and the lime kilns used by locals, as well as the thrush nets spread out between the trees to protect the olives and grapes from the birds' eager beaks.

General advice

As with any walking holiday, it's vital to look after yourself and prepare well before embarking on your journey. Remember that in the Balearic archipelago temperatures can soar to the mid-30s in the summer months, so protecting your skin and eyes from the sun is essential. Always wear a wide-brimmed hat to ward off sunstroke and keep a supply of water on you to prevent dehydration - you may be walking in areas that have no shops or residences for miles around, and many rivers and streams dry up in the heat.

Taking some high-energy snacks along is another wise plan, as is wearing clothing suitable for hiking. This includes lightweight walking trousers and a loose long-sleeved top for the daytime and a few warmer layers for when the sun sets.

Always let your hotel know whereabouts you're planning to walk so the reception staff is aware of when to expect you back. Check that your travel insurance is up to date and stow your EHIC card in your backpack so that it's with you at all times, and always take your passport or driver's license too - it is mandatory to carry identification when in Majorca.

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