A Loving Second Blogversary
July 4, 2012 6:22 PM


It was two years ago today since I published my first post here on ropcorn.com, in other words - today is this blog's second blogoversary. Yay!!! Now I had big plans for this blog when I started it (I still do). Some goals have been achieved, while others are still in the process of being achieved. And new goals have been set. But the most important thing is that I STILL LOVE BLOGGING! :-)

A Loving Second Blogversary
A feeling I think this lovely Bleeding Heart conveys quite accurately. :-)

And what I love about blogging is that I have the freedom and opportunity to express my creativity through my blog posts. Whether it be via photography, writing or simply sharing my everyday life experiences. I also really feel like this blog helps me to follow through on, and bring to life, many of the thoughts and ideas I randomly have. I mean, I can be anywhere and suddenly get an idea on a post I want to do or start to think of things I want to write about. Though I must say that this mostly happen in the shower. Hehe. But the point is that I actually do follow through on a lot of those ideas, instead of just letting them go, because I have a blog where I can share them. And when I manage to bring one of those inspirational moments to life in a good way, I actually feel pretty proud of myself. :-)

But not only do I love the creative part of blogging, I also absolutely adore reading comments and receiving feedback from all the wonderful people that drop by here. Which is why this celebratory post would not be complete without a proper Thank You and a heartfelt bow to to all of you marvelous individuals who visit, follow, comment and/or send me feedback through various sources. I truly value every single second each and every one of you spend on this blog, because it is all that beautiful energy that continue to keep this blog alive. Not to mention the huge positive impact it has on me personally.

Needless to say, I am very grateful that I made the decision to start blogging two years ago. And even though I have spent, and still spend, countless hours on managing, creating posts and networking. It continues to be so undoubtedly worth it!!! :p

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