A Wild View
January 17, 2013 8:36 PM

I just happen to look up and glance out my window earlier today here in Lyckeby in Sweden, and this is the wild view I saw.

A Wild View
View from my window, do you see them?

A Wild View
Two cute deer who seemed to be eating something...

A Wild View
...while keeping an eye out for possible danger of course.

A Wild View
Hello. :-)

Now I know we have wildlife up there, it is after all a nature reserve, but it is very unusual to see any wild animals out and about like that (except birds) - especially in the middle of the day. Either way, this "wild view" sure put a smile on my face. And I am so glad I happened to have my camera nearby so I could snap some shots of these adorable creatures to share here too. :-)

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Moose encounter in Rödeby, Sweden Old Surroundings - Forest Window
Moose encounter in Rödeby, Sweden Old Surroundings
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