Admitted; Diagnosis Depression
September 14, 2014 7:05 PM

Hey Everyone! :-) It has been a while since my last post... The main reason for that, unfortunately, is that I have not been feeling very well. In fact, a few weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital... Once admitted, I ended up staying for a little more than one week. The diagnosis I was given was depression.

Admitted; Diagnosis Depression
So what started out as a four week vacation from work quickly turned in to sick leave instead. :-/

Today I am feeling a lot better, though not 100 percent myself yet. I am back at work, but part time for now. The treatment I am in is both medicinal and psychological, which I feel is working very well for me. I mean, I could not even get out of bed there for a while so, to me, writing this post is a huge thing - publishing it an even bigger one.

Admitted; Diagnosis Depression
Now lots of things are happening in Sweden right now and I have prepared a few posts about them.

So, hopefully - fingers crossed, I will be back shortly with reports and photos of those happenings. Until then, I send you all lots of hugs from Sweden. And thanks ever so much for stopping by. :p

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