All Saint's Day

Swedish name: Alla Helgons Dag   Date: Saturday between October 31st & November 6th
All Saint's Day in Sweden

All Saint's Day in Sweden is a day when we remember those who have passed away. A very peaceful day I think. And it is always so beautiful to see how all graveyards light up by a sea of candles in the evening. All Saint's Day is also a public holiday in Sweden that always occur on a Saturday between October 31st and November 6th. And as far as I understand it the tradition of All Saint's Day is not related to Halloween in any way. Something I personally get confused over because they take place around the same dates.

Originally it was believed that at the end of summer and beginning of winter the dead returned home and needed to be guided by candles and bonfires. Which is why we on All Saint's Day light candles, decorate and watch over relatives' graves in Sweden.

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