An Exhausting Bite Of Slimy Firm Sea
November 21, 2012 9:04 PM


An Exhausting Bite Of Slimy Firm Sea

I am talking about my first ever experience with eating and preparing oysters, which I had a few weeks ago. It became an exhausting, and rather emotional, event when I realized that in order to be able to eat the oysters - I would first have to kill them. Yikes! Certainly not my cup of tea. But I did it, though with a very guilty conscience...

An Exhausting Bite Of Slimy Firm Sea
The French oysters, still alive. We actually have oysters in Sweden too, but they are round in shape. And the Swedish oysters are more expensive than the French ones, which was why I chose the French.

An Exhausting Bite Of Slimy Firm Sea

An Exhausting Bite Of Slimy Firm Sea
And eat.

I ate them raw with a squeeze of lemon because I wanted my first experience of eating oysters to be as natural and true to their original taste as possible. The oysters were fresh and nice, but just not entirely my kind of flavour or texture. They actually tasted like what I imagine a bite of the ocean would taste like (if you could take one), cold and salty. The texture was a bit slimy, but firm at the same time. And, though it was not gag warning, I would not say that they tasted that delicious either.

So, even if I cannot imagine myself sitting down and eating a bunch of oysters the same way I eat crawfish or shrimp for instance, if I was offered an oyster in the future I would not be completely against the idea of eating it. But I will most likely never buy and/or prepare oysters myself again. Mainly of course because they are in fact alive until they get cracked open, an emotional twist I am not prepared to add to my possible future oyster experiences.

Man, I had no idea trying some oysters for the first time in my life would turn into such an exhausting and emotionel event. P-h-e-w!

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