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November 29, 2010 8:01 PM

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First of all, a big THANK YOU to all of you who participated in my Swedish giveaway! The total number of comments ended up at 22. And it has been a lot of fun to read them all. I especially love that there are commentators from all over the world!

Moving on to my drawing. I had decided to post a video of it, but then I thought - hey why not do a live broadcast? I found Ustream, created an account and bam, here is a recording of my live broadcast earlier today. I choose to do an old school drawing :-)

And, the winner of my Swedish giveaway is....ta da - Luke! Congratulations! Here is Lukes comment:

"1. I live in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia
2. Living in a metropolis of over 20 million people in South East Asia, in a city clogged with traffic, people and litter, where there is almost no parks or places for people to sit or go other than a shopping mall, I have found a haven of peace and tranquility and fresh air at the Marina in the old part of the city. The marina is surrounded by the old city and the harbour next to it is full of wooden schooners loaded with everything you can think of and they sail to every part of the country.
The view is into the sea and of boats and in the far distance, the thousand islands another tropical island paradise.
The marina is always quiet and friendly with great food and when I am there, the noise, dust and grime of Jakarta vanishes. It is my private escape"

You can find Lukes blog at

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