Bird House Saloon And Temptations
December 1, 2011 6:24 PM


My dog Lisen and I went to visit my mum today, where we both got tempted by quite a few goodies. I also noticed a lovely bird house saloon in her garden, which I thought was the cutest thing ever! So below are some photos of the temptations Lisen and I encountered earlier today and my mum's bird house saloon.

Bird House Saloon And Temptations
The Bird House Saloon.

Bird House Saloon And Temptations
My dog Lisen's temptation, leftovers for birds.

Bird House Saloon And Temptations
My temptation, a delicious vanilla donut!

Unlike Lisen though, I gave in to my temptation... Which I guess means that Lisen is better than me at resisting temptations, hm!? But I did at least give Lisen a piece of that donut, for being such a good doggy. :-) So all in all I would definitely say that we both had a yummy visit at my mum's today, despite the fact that only one of us gave in to her temptation.

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