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My favourite books
It is an amazing feeling when you find a book that completely captures you and allows you to escape to another world,
without even having to take a single step. Here are a few books that did that for me.
All time favourites - TOP 3 Books
The Legend of the Ice People
by Margit Sandemo
(på svenska Sagan om Isfolket)

A serie of 47 books published 1982-1989.

The pictures are of the first book in the series, left is english and right swedish edition.

Winter 1581: a deadly plague outbreak robs sixteen-year old peasant girl Silje of all her family. Homeless, starving and shepherding two foundling infants, she stumbles through the corpse-strewn streets of Trondheim on Norway’s northern coast.

Heading desperately for the warmth of the mass funeral pyres blazing beyond the city gates, she encounters in the shadowy forest one of the infamous Ice People, a fearsome, strangely captivating ‘wolf man’. He offers help -- and she feels irresistibly drawn to him. But what is the terrible fascination ? And where will it lead ?

Spellbound, the opening volume in The Legend of the Ice People, begins a journey that spans four centuries and interweaves romance and the supernatural in narratives that are passionate, earthy, often e-otic and imbued above all else with a powerful narrative drive.


Why I love this book
I read this series when I was working in a street food kiosk. My workmate recommended and let me barrow her books. I completely devoured the whole lot over a few weeks. And when I started to approach the end I started to slow down (unconciously) because I did not want it to be over!

You really get a connection with the characters and you feel like you are a part of their family. The author does a remarkable job to bring you back in time and she guides you through the changes in peoples behaviour and stance as we are brought through different centuries.

"A perfect way to escape for a while into a world filled with people and places, you in the end actually feel must have existed. Don't miss this experience, read it!"


The Da Vinci Code
by Dan Brown
(First published 2003)

Storyline: Harvard symbology professor Robert Langdon is awakened in the middle of the night in his Paris hotel and begins a wild ride that starts as a murder mystery and soon finds Langdon, with the help of French police cryptographer Sophie Neveau, finding clues and solving riddles, many of which were left by artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, that promise to unlock one of the greatest secrets in Western civilization.

Why I love this book
It is an intriguing, well written story that leaves you with many interesting thoughts to gnaw on.

You really feel like a part of the mysterysolving team and want to help them figure out the riddles they are given. For me, this gives me a strong connection to the characters and makes me want to keep reading so I can get the answers with them. Or you could also say, keep reading so they will get the answers more quickly.

I did read the book before I saw the movie and I do prefer the book, even though the movie was alright.

"This is truly a thought-provoking piece of art that leaves you with questions you never knew you had. "

Lord of the Flies
by William Golding
(First published 1954)

William Golding sets his novel Lord of the Flies at a time when Europe is in the midst of nuclear destruction. A group of boys, being evacuated from England to Australia, crash lands on a tropical island. No adults survive the crash, and the novel is the story of the boys' descent into chaos, disorder, and evil. As the story opens, two boys emerge from the wreckage of a plane. The boys, Ralph and Piggy, begin exploring the island in hopes of finding other survivors. They find a conch shell, and Piggy instructs Ralph how to blow on it. When the other boys hear the conch, they gather.

Why I love this book
It was the first time a book, mandatory to read in high school, actually captured me. I was fascinated by the whole koncept and that fascination has stayed with me through the years.

For me the book is about human nature, and if you want to see modern version of the book - just watch "Survivor"...

What the book does, for me, is make you think about how well you actually know yourself and how you think you would act in an extreme situation. This is something, I believe, you only really find out when put in one, and therefore should not be so quick to judge how people, who have been in such a position, have acted.

"Well worth a read and it will for sure leave you with feelings of confusion, but in a good way."


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