Car trouble and rainbow
March 11, 2011 5:49 PM

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At lunch time today I got in my car, turned the key, all the lights on my dash board lit up - but not even a tiny noise from the car engine! Grrr! What the... And I have no idea why this happened??? Because my car worked just fine the last time I drove it...

Oh well, no way was my dead car engine going to ruin my plans for today. And luckily for me, my sister was able to leave her baking for about 30 minutes to give me a lift into town. Thanks sis! :-) So I met up with my mum as planned, had some yummy Thai buffet, did some shopping and then headed back home again to my car headache...

Now hopefully I can get someone to take a look at my car this weekend. It's really no hurry. But even though I'm not completely dependent on a car, I still find it extremely annoying when these type of unexpected things happen! So I hope for a speedy resolution to this problem.

And although this car thing has taken up most of my thoughts today. I did see a lovely rainbow break through the rain clouds on my way home from town. An image I think is a lot more fun to begin the weekend with, than one of my uncooperative Volvo.

So here is the rainbow. :-)

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