Celebrating Fat Tuesday With
A Non Traditional Lenten Bun

February 21, 2012 7:26 PM

Today we celebrate Fat Tuesday, also known as Fettisdagen in Swedish. This means that we eat a special pastry called Semla, or Lenten Bun, all across Sweden. Now a traditional Semla is made out of a cake of light wheat bread with a sweet filling of almond paste and cream and is very tasty. However instead of eating a traditional Semla this year I decided to try a different version where the bun was made out of Danish pastry dough and filled with a mixture of cream and almond paste, like in the photo below.

Celebrating Fat Tuesday With A Non Traditional Lenten Bun
So this is how the non traditional Semla I ate this year looked.

This non traditional version was actually very tasty. The Danish pastry dough made the bun very light and fluffy and the cream and almond paste mixture was a great idea on how to change up the traditional simple filling. So all in all it was an excellent version of the Semla and I did indeed enjoy to eat it on this lovely Fat Tuesday.

To see what an original Semla looks like and to find out why we celebrate Fat Tuesday in Sweden feel free to check out my page --> Swedish Fat Tuesday Traditions

Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone! :p

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