Cheap Creative Travelling
October 25, 2011 1:35 PM


There are a lot of ways to create cheap holiday deals for oneself. And because I have traveled quite a bit through the years I have learned that I prefer to make my reservations online. In fact, I pretty much always book my flights and hotels separately nowadays. Especially for long trips, like from Sweden to the US or Australia. Because this way I can see for myself what I am booking and with what company.

Although this does not mean that I always choose the cheapest alternative. Actually I prefer to spend a little bit of extra money on those companies I feel safe with and have had good experiences with in the past. So cheap creative travelling to me does not always mean the cheapest alternatives, but the best alternatives for the best prices.

Cheap Creative Travelling
Another cheap, creative and great way to travel through a country is with a car and tent.

Which is how my sister and I spent five weeks of our three months in Australia. And it was the best five weeks ever! I felt so free and in touch with nature, as well as with myself. I actually prefer to travel simple because that is how I feel I get to experience the culture and surroundings of a country in the best way. Something I wish and hope everyone get the opportunity to do some day.


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