Chilly Walk Along The Train Track
November 13, 2011 9:00 PM


Yesterday was a beautiful sunny, yet chilly Saturday here in Lyckeby in Sweden. But I love cold and bright mornings. So I took my dog Lisen for a long lovely walk along the old retired train track here in Lyckeby. Now Lisen and I walk along this train track all the time, on the sidewalk next to it of course. But for some reason my eyes were drawn to the train track more than usual yesterday. Therefore I pulled out my iphone and snapped some shots of it, and of my dog Lisen too of course. So below are some photos of what Lisen and I saw yesterday.

Chilly Walk Along The Train Track
Now this train track is actually an old industrial train track that stretches 6,4 kilometers from Gullberna to Verkö harbour in Karlskrona. The train track was built in the late 1960s, finished in 1971.

Chilly Walk Along The Train Track
But even though this train track was refurbished in 2008, it is very rarely used nowadays.

Chilly Walk Along The Train Track
Which was why I felt pretty safe to let my dog Lisen take a little breather next to it yesterday. :-)

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