Christmas Is A Comin'
December 11, 2016 3:07 PM

Christmas is just around the corner and though we have not gotten any real snow here in Karlskrona in Sweden yet, the holiday spirit sure has arrived.

Christmas Is A Coming
My Frosty. :-)

Today we celebrate Advent third, which means we light candle number three of four in our Advent candle sticks.

Christmas Is A Coming
My Advent Candle Stick. (Read more about our Advent traditions over at --> Advent in Sweden.)

This Tuesday we celebrate Lucia's day, which means we watch and listen to Lucia and her followers sing Christmas carols. Below is a video I recorded a few years ago of a typical Swedish Lucia parade.

Another tradition on Lucia's day is to eat lots of yummy Lucia buns.

Christmas Is A Coming Christmas Is A Coming

Christmas Is A Coming

Christmas Is A Coming
This year's freshly baked Lucia buns made by my sister, so good!!!

To help me count down the days until Christmas Eve I use my chocolate Advent calendar, a Christmas tradition I never get too old for. ;p

Christmas Is A Coming
Thirteen more chocolatey days to go!

Christmas Is A Coming
Diva, my sister´s doggy (11 years old), never gets to old to keep an eye out for Santa. ;)

Now all we need is some snow to go along with this year's Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!

I have written more about how we celebrate Christmas in Sweden over at -->Christmas In Sweden.

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Christmas Is A Coming