Christmas in Sweden

Christmas in Sweden

A lot of events and traditions take place in December here in Sweden, most of which are related to Christmas somehow. So I have made a few pages about my favourite Swedish December and Christmas traditions in Sweden. In these pages I have written a bit about how I celebrate these traditions as well as bit of history about them. I hope you enjoy! :-)


Advent Lucia
Advent in Sweden Lucia in Sweden
We have a countdown to Christmas in Sweden called Advent. This countdown starts four Sundays before Christmas Eve. To mark the countdown a candle is lit in an Advent candlestick each Sunday....

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Advent in Sweden
At dawn on December 13 you can hear and see Lucia march and sing carols with her entourage all across Sweden. Lucia wears a crown with lit candles on her head, a white gown and a red ribbon around her waist...

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Lucia in Sweden
Christmas Markets Christmas Eve
Old Fashioned Christmas Market in Sweden Christmas Eve in Sweden Food
Besides lighting a candle in my Advent candlestick and eating rice pudding every Advent Sunday I try to visit at least one old fashioned Christmas market every year. Like this one on a farm in Lyckeby...

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Our main Christmas celebration take place on Christmas Eve in Sweden. Which is why I have chosen to share points during this day that I find are essential for it to be a traditional Swedish Christmas Eve....

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Christmas Candy Christmas Bake
A Trio Of Typical Homemade Swedish Christmas Candy Christmas Bake Gingerbread
Knäck - Toffee, Kola - Fudge and Ischoklad - Ice Chocolate are pretty much obligatory Christmas Candies in Swedish households during Christmas. This is how I made them this year...

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My dog Lisen and I went to my mum's to do some Christmas baking, more specifically we baked gingerbread. Yummy!!! And fun. So here are photos from our Gingerbread Christmas Bake...

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