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Smell it baby!
July 28, 2010 21:37

Detergents smell sooo good! Especially detergents with a scent of lemon, mmm. Sometimes I clean up just so I can get that scent in my apartment, or wash the dishes because the washing-up liquid smell so good. Now this does not happen very often, but today was one of those rare occasions. Was not very dirty here at home but I felt like I needed to get some freshness in the air, and what better way to do that than to wipe the floors with a lemon scented detergent :-)

Taken when I worked at Olles korvbar. I had to wipe the floors after every late shift, you can see how fun that was, and even worse - no lemon scented detergent :-(


Ten Triss, is today D-day?
July 16, 2010 13:38

Yesterday I received ten Triss-lotteries as a reward for answering some surveys. Ten lottery-tickets worth 250kr, I scratched, scratched and scratched. In the end I won 125kr, it was ooook but not WOW...So no D-day yet... And by D-day, I mean the day I'm going to strike gold in some sort of lottery.

Here I am with hope in my hand.

On another note, my aunt and her husband are here for a visit from Stockholm, they are staying at my mothers house and today they came by for a visit. Always nice to see them, however I had to clean my apartment from top to bottom. I really want it to be spotless, or close to, when I have people over who I don't see everyday. So I got up at 8:30 this morning so I could finish my cleaning. I even washed my dog, hehe.

Now I'm tired and my back I'm just going to relax the rest of the day.


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