Crazy Christmas sale shopping in Kalmar
December 29, 2010 8:20 PM

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Every year between Christmas and new years there is a major sale in all stores, it's called "mellandagsrea". And every year it starts earlier and earlier. This year it actually started on Christmas day! Yikes! People are crazy during these days! Ok, they are not ALL crazy, but those who have set their sights on something can get a bit overexcited. I, however, prefer to wait a few days before I head out and wrestle with people in the stores.

So this Monday I was off to Kalmar to do my "mellandags-shopping". It was not too many people out and about, only in the clothing stores. I think we stood in line about 30 minutes in one store...But overall it was a good shopping day. I found almost everything I was looking for, and at great sale prices. Yay!

It was very, very cold that day by the way!

This was the temperature outside when we drove to Kalmar. Brrr!!!

This is the store in which we stood in line for 30 minutes...

Left pic: I love this Christmas tree! It is so beautiful when the lights change. Right pic: And this was the weather conditions on the drive home...more snow...But we made it home safely :-) Thanks to my sister, who drove, hehe.

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