Differences Between Property In Turkey And Sweden
November 1, 2012 12:35 PM


I think there is quite a big difference between Property In Turkey and property here in Sweden, something I am sure has a lot to do with the big differences in climate between these two countries. For example, in Sweden the most common type of property among families are wooden houses and brick houses. In Turkey however, houses seem to be built more out of stone - a material I do believe result in a nice comfortable cool temperature inside on those hot Turkish days. An occurrence we seldom experience in Sweden, hence there are not so many stone houses here.

A typical Swedish wooden house.

But whatever type of property one lives in, the most important thing is of course that it is a safe and long lasting one. I live in an apartment in a brick house building, which I feel quite safe in - more so than if it was a wooden building. Because I do prefer brick houses or stone houses, which is the type of property I would love to buy and move into in the future. And who knows, maybe I might even buy some property in Turkey one day? ;-)

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