Different Sunday Treats
October 23, 2011 6:32 PM


I love Sundays. Mainly because it feels like the most calm day of the week. But also because I think that Sunday is the best day to enjoy some different treats. Which for me means for instance;

Different Sunday Treats
An extra long walk in the wonderful weather with my dog Lisen. Where we today ran into these very unafraid hens and rooster! Who, instead of walking away from us when we approached them - walked right towards us with firm steps! Lol!

Different Sunday Treats
Sunday is also a great day for family visits I think. So after our walk today Lisen and I visited my sister, who treated us to coffee with home made banana cake. Yum!!!

Different Sunday Treats
These birds also had some Sunday treats on my sisters patio while we were there. :p

Different Sunday Treats
And because I did not let Lisen eat very much banana cake at my sisters, just a few crumbs. I instead gave her this little treat when we got home. Which she seemed pretty pleased with. :-)

Now Sunday is not over yet so I am sure I can squeeze in some more different treats during the evening here. Hehe. And I do wish you all a great Sunday too, filled with lots of different treats! :p

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