Dog Falling Down Pose
April 1, 2012 5:11 PM


Yesterday on my walk with my dog Lisen I brought along my camera, just in case I would see anything fun to photograph. Of course I always think it is fun to take photos of Lisen, who is such a good doggie model. However, during one of her model poses on a bench yesterday Lisen miss judged where the edge was and accidently fell down... But she did not get hurt, in fact she just shook it off and instantly moved on to some serious sniffing on the ground. And because this happened very quickly I managed to capture a few shots of it all. So below are some photos of Lisen in a Dog Falling Down Pose.

Dog Falling Down Pose
Lisen in pose mode.

Dog Falling Down Pose
Wou! What the...

Dog Falling Down Pose
Do not try this at home pups.

A few hundred meters later...

Dog Falling Down Pose
Ahh, this feels much better. :-)

But besides taking photos of Lisen yesterday I also took A LOT of other photos, which of course will be featured in future posts. By the way, we are having freezing temperatures here in Karlskrona in Sweden again. Yesterday it actually snowed when Lisen and I was on this walk. Brr!!! And colder temperatures and more snow is predicted to come...

Oh well, not much I can do about that - except to wear warmer clothes. :p Have a fabulous Sunday!

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