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Can you believe it!?
August 20, 2010 21:20

I finally have a dog grid in my car! Hallelujah! Thank you to my mums partner for finding one, and for half the price I originally paid for the first one - that didn’t fit and caused me five months of irritation… This one was ordered and delivered within a week! Such a relief!

I also replaced my old, worn windshield wipers with the new ones I bought a few days ago. Soon it’s time for tire change and yearly check up. Gosh, all this car maintenance is sooo boring! Wish it could just handle it self…blah!

Now I’m going to force Lisen to pose for me in the car, behind “the bars”, so I can post a pic as well, hehe.

She was a bit surprised at first, but then she gladly posed for the camera :-)


August 14, 2010 20:36

Iphone poll: Buy Iphone 4 or not? Total 9 votes, 6 Yes and 3 No. I have decided to follow your advice and buy it. When it will arrive, well who knows...?

Dog grid: I ordered a dog grid from a pet shop, Hundbiten, in April. It was suppose to take two weeks to get it, took closer to TWO months! We tried to stop the order, one employee told us it was cancelled, but when it arrived the owner told us that it’s impossible to cancel an order because they make them especially for ones car. I went in, got it. When I tried to put it in, it did not fit! Wrong model! I called and told them about the problem, after about three weeks and me calling several times, finally the owner agreed to take it back, but I had to pay for the postage (250kr!).

Now, the whole ordering process was a mess with different answers all the time. To avoid this circus, the employee who took the order should have taken my cars registration number, something you ALWAYS do when you order something specific for a car. Jiiiz! What really put me off, is when I went to return the dog grid. The employee who had taken the order started to make excuses and blame us for the mistake, even though I had come to an agreement with the owner. OMG, how much more unprofessional can you get! It’s a shame because I have always liked the owner and her store, but that employee! Sorry to say, but she makes me NOT want to return there again :-(

And finally an update on the weight loss plan my mother and her partner signed a month ago. My mother has lost 3 kilos and her partner has lost 0 kilos. Good job mum!


July 31, 2010 23:16
Drunk driver and candy dream

It's Saturday, people drink and party, but not me. Not this Saturday, this evening I am the designated driver. Which is fine by me, I have had my share of "not being the designated driver", hehe.

Moving on to another topic, my weird dream I had last night. Or maybe not weird but kind of annoying. All through my dream, even if I did different things at different locations, I kept eating candy, and buying candy and eating some more candy. All night! I figured I must have a craving for candy, so I bought some today, haha. Have not eaten that much actually, but some.

Left pic: Here I am with Lisen, acting responsible tonight. And as you can see I still have not gotten that darn dog grid issue resolved. The owner of the pet shop have not called yet, I've waited over a week since she said she would call the makers and get back to me...Not very professional! By the way, the pet shop I bought it from is called Hundbiten...Anyway, on the other pic is of course my yummy candy :-)


House-keeper again...
July 23, 2010 14:04

Me and Lisen are staying at mums house over the weekend, to keep all the thieves away, while they are gone.

So the big "weigh-in" was today. Mum had lost 1 kilo and her partner 200 grams. Ok, so it is at least going in the right direction, that's always a good sign. Hope for more next week.

I met with the bosslady regarding the dog grid today. She said she will call the makers and see what she can do...whatever that means. But she has always been nice in the past and usually come up with some sort of solution if there ever is a problem, so let's hope she's still like that. I believe in a good outcome for everyone, even though I have waited three month's since the order was placed and I still have no functional dog grid...

Cloudy and rain outside, finally. Don't think I will do too much today, feeling a bit tired...


Misfit, grrr!
July 20, 2010 15:23

The guy from the car shop called to say that my "dog grid" didn't fit my car, darnet! I had a feeling it was wrong but hoped that it was I who was wrong...oh well, not much to do about that. I should have ordered it myself, my fault! Just hope I can get my money back or at least store credit. But I'll have to wait until Friday, when the bosslady is in.

On a completely different note, I have (for the first time in my life) actually acquired some plants. Or really one plant, and two window boxes with herbs. My mum set the herbs for me and now I have to see to it that they grow, yiax. I have not wanted plants before because the just die all the time, and that's no fun. However this time I will really try my best to keep them alive, and so far so good :-)

Here they are, newest members of my family :-)


Out and about
July 19, 2010 20:43

My day began with a text from my grandma asking if she could come visit me. Sure why not. So it was just for me to get up, out with Lisen and prepare for the rest of the day.

I picked up grandma, we went for some well-needed coffee at my sisters, after that grocery shopping, then home and cook todays dinner, and after that away and leave my car to the shop. And now all of a sudden the clock is half past eight in the evening...

Left pic: Me waiting for my grandma at the parking lot outside CityGross. She definitely take her time... Right pic: The reason I had to leave my car to the shop today, an annoying lamp! And also I hope they manage to put up that "dog grid" I bought some time ago, but have not managed to get up...


Dog grid
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