Doggy House Hunting
October 19, 2011 1:06 PM


I wonder if my dog Lisen was house hunting on our morning walk today? Because when we passed some houses here in Lyckeby in Sweden she became suspiciously interested in one of them. Although the house she did decide to have a closer look at was more in the category of pet houses I would say. Small and cute. However, after having inspected the house, I do think Lisen quickly realized that she has it way more comfortable where she lives right now. Which is in a warm, cozy apartment with me. Plus, I would never ever let her move away from me anyway!

Doggy House Hunting
But these are the little houses Lisen and I passed by this morning here in Lyckeby, Sweden.

Doggy House HuntingDoggy House HuntingAnd Lisen was very curious about this little blue house.

Doggy House Hunting
But after a closer inspection she probably also realized that all her stuff would never fit in there. Lol!

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