Dogs Still In Motion
December 2, 2011 6:22 PM


Even though we had just come back from a long walk together yesterday, my dog Lisen and my sister's dog Diva still had enough energy to play around some in my mum's garden. Although Diva wanted to play a lot more than Lisen, Diva is 6 years old and Lisen 10. However, despite their age difference, I definitely think that Lisen kept up pretty well with her daughter. :-)

Below are some photos from the dogs play session in the garden yesterday.

Dogs Still In Motion
First a little slow wandering...

Dogs Still In Motion
...before the big play explosion kicks off!

Dogs Still In Motion

Dogs Still In Motion
Run, run, run!!!

Dogs Still In Motion
And then Lisen begins some slow wandering again, to calm things down a bit.

So guess who was tired when we got home yesterday? Yupp, Lisen! The only motion she did in the evening was to breathe in and out in her sleep. Lol! But I love when she gets tired like that, it always make me feel like I have done a good job of activating her then. Which is a nice feeling indeed. :-)

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