Download the brand new book, One Year Lived, for free!
April 21, 2013 2:11 PM

Recently I was contacted by the author Adam Shepard, who with about $25 in his pocket left his home state in the US to search for the American Dream. His goal was to within 365 days become a “regular” member of society. A journey that later became Shepard's successful first book - Scratch Beginnings. A book that lead Shepard to be featured in the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, the New York Post, on the Today Show, CNN, 147 radio programs and so on. Needless to say, I was quite intrigued with why this adventurous soul had contacted me?

Turned out that Shepard had found my blog through a series of links on the web and wondered if I would like the opportunity to offer my readers the chance to download his brand new book, One Year Lived, for FREE! A book which will be released tomorrow. Of course I said: "YES!". :p

Download the brand new book, One Year Lived, for free!
Book cover of Adam Shepard's brand new book, One Year Lived.

One Year Lived is about how Shepard decided to travel the world and spend all the money he earned with his first book. So between 2011 and 2012 Shepard visited seventeen countries on four continents, which of course resulted in some amazing experiences. Shepard's intent with One Year Lived is to inspire people to get out in the world and and start to live their lives - something I myself definitely also encourage. Which is really why I wanted to write this post.

Now on to how to get Adam Shepard's brand new book (eBook version), One Year Lived, for free? Just answer this question with a comment in the comment section:

"If you could go anywhere, where would you go?"

And I will e-mail you instructions on where and how to download the eBook for free. So make sure to leave an e-mail address with your comment as well. To read more about the book and the author, check out:

Note: this opportunity only lasts until May 1st, 2013!

Enjoy! :-)

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