Duck Chase At The Botanical Garden In Gothenburg
June 26, 2012 3:10 PM


When I was in Gothenburg recently I went for a quick visit to the Botanical Garden, which with its 175 hectares is one of the largest of its kind. But it was not the lovely flowers, trees or plants that became the main attraction during my visit - it was three ducks. Lol!

Botanical Garden In Gothenburg
A lovely, soothing fountain at the entrance of the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg.

Duch Chase Gothenburg
Well, it was soothing until these guys arrived.

Ducks Botanical Garden
Because this duck couple were not happy to have been followed by another male duck.

Duch Chase Gothenburg
Which they loudly expressed to him.

Duch Chase Gothenburg
And showed him.

Duch Chase Gothenburg
Which caused quite the little scene.

Duch Chase Gothenburg
But in the end, the poor guy finally gave up and flew away.

Ducks Botanical Garden
Which was when the female duck, who did all the chasing by the way, jumped in the fountain to wash off all the drama.

Ducks Botanical Garden
Under the male duck's watchful eye of course.

Ducks Botanical Garden
Washy, washy, washy.

Ducks Botanical GardenDucks Botanical Garden
And stretch.

Ducks Botanical Garden
But just when the duck couple thought it was time for some relaxation.

Ducks Botanical Garden
Another type of chase began...

Man, those ducks sure had a hectic day. Not sure why the other male duck tried to follow them though? It looked like he was interested in the female duck , but shouldn't he had challanged the male duck then? Oh well, I do not know much about ducks - except that they sure seem to be very stubborn birds. Lol!

Now of course there were a lot of other stunning things to see at the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg, but I will have to save those photos for another post. Because these three cute little duckies certainly deserve to have their own post. I mean, they were a big part of my visit to the Botanical Garden and will definitely stay in my travel memory for a long time to come. :-)

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