Eleven Years Ago...
March 18, 2012 5:12 PM


...a little pup named Lisen was born.

Eleven Years Ago
And although Lisen was only two months old when she came to us she immediately let us know what the most important thing to her was - FOOD!

Eleven Years Ago
So when Lisen turned 11 years old yesterday I knew that the best way to make her day extra special was to give her something edible, so I bought two of her favourite treats as her birthday presents. And when I asked Lisen if she wanted some birthday treats her eyes lit up and she answered me with a very decisive "Wouff!". Which of course meant "Yes!".

Eleven Years Ago
And the first birthday treat she got was one of her favourites, a pigs ear.

Eleven Years Ago

Eleven Years Ago
The second birthday treat she got was another one of her favourites, a BIG marrow bone.

Eleven Years Ago
Which kept her busy for hours.

So all in all I am pretty sure Lisen was happy with her eleventh birthday yesterday. And I know am very fortunate and grateful to have this stubborn, strong-minded, playful, food crazy, patient and loving doggy in my life. Dogs do truly make the best of friends, I only hope Lisen knows how precious she is to me. My beloved little eleven year old. :p

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