Facts About Gas Prices In Sweden
September 22, 2018 2:31 PM

Facts About Gas Prices In Sweden
I stopped by this OKQ8 gas station here in Karlskrona in Sweden today to capture today's gas prices.

I think Sweden has a reputation, internationally, of having high gas prices, compared to the rest of the world. And it is true that only nine countries in the world have higher gas prices than Sweden. But if you take the price of gas in relation to the avarage Swede's income, Sweden end up as number 143 on the list of gas prices around the world.

I myself do not drive very much here in Sweden, partially because of the high gas prices (because I do think they are high). But also because I am not very fond of driving. So I take the bus to work and the rest of my activities are nearby where I live. Therefore I spend about 400 SEK per month on gas.

To give you an idea of why we have such high gas prices in sweden I have put together some facts about gas prices in Sweden. I have also compiled a current list of the gas prices in Sweden today.

Facts about gas prices in Sweden

- In Sweden we have high enviromental taxes and taxes on gas and diesel, about 60 percent. Only 40 percent of what we pay at the gas pump fluctuates with the market price.

- We have someething called "gas tax" in Sweden which consist of two parts, the energy tax and the carbon dioxide tax. Both these taxes has gone up over the past ten years, which is why the gas tax also has gone over the past ten years.

- If the gas tax did not exist, we Swedes would pay about 7 - 8 SEK per litre for our gas.

- In 2018, the average price for 1 litre of gas in Sweden was 15,26 SEK, compared to 12,58 SEK in 2008.

- The gas Sweden import is often imported in US dollars, which means that the US dollar's strength affects the gas price in Sweden. Therefore the main reason gas prices have risen so heavily now is the sharp rise in crude oil prices in 2018, about 25 percent. In addition, the dollar has strengthened.

- All in all, the gas in Sweden has become more expensive over the past 30 years. With the 1980 gas price level, 1 litre of gas would have cost 9,37 SEK today. Almost half the price compared to today's gas prices in Sweden.

Gas prices today - september 22, 2018

Facts About Gas Prices In Sweden

Currency today: 1 USD = 8,7 SEK

Type of gas Amount Price SEK Price USD
95 octane 1 litre 15,61 1,64
98 octane 1 litre 16,61 1,75
Diesel 1 litre 15,71 1,66
E85 1 litre 10,51 1,11

My hybrid car

Facts About Gas Prices In Sweden
This is my car, a Toyota Auris hybrid, modell year 2016.

Facts About Gas Prices In Sweden
It is a hybrid car, which means that it runs on both gas and electricity.

This type of car, the hybrid car, is classified as an enviromental car in Sweden and it is tax free the first five years. Which is nice. I had to pay about 2 300 SEK per year in tax for my old car, a Volvo V70 model year 1999. Another great thing about my new car (I bought it a month ago), the hybrid, is that it only use about 0,5 litres of gas per 10 kilometeres. My old car used twice as much.

So you can keep your gas cost down in Sweden, by driving an enviromental car and by getting around by other ways than driving. I suppose that is why we have high gas prices in Sweden, to make people change their behaviour when it comes to using gas. Because it does pollute the world quite a bit.

However, I have no idea if this method, with high gas taxes, has an impact on how much gas we use here in Sweden. I guess it does influence me a bit though, because, for example, I might not drive somewhere if taking the bus or the train is cheaper. So perhaps having high gas taxes in Sweden is not all that bad, if it contributes to reducing the pollution in the world in some way. But that is just my thought, not a fact. ;)


Source: DN.se
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Facts About Gas Prices In Sweden