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Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend
February 16, 2014 5:28 PM

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to my best friend and most beloved family member, Lisen. It was unexpected, but at the same time not. Even so, there are no words that can describe how much this wonderful dog has meant (means) to me, but I know in my heart that it was time for her to move on and that we made the right decision.

Two weeks ago Lisen got very sick, I will not go in to the specifics here, but we decided to give medicine a try because there was some hope that she could recover - there was no conclusive diagnosis. And it seemed like she was on the right path, until yesterday afternoon. My sister and I got a call from my mum who in panic said that Lisen had collapsed and could not get up! Obviously we rushed over there immediately. And when we got to the house and saw Lisen on the floor, we knew. So off to the vet we went with her.

Lisen had given it all she had in her but she simply could not fight whatever it was any more.

Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend
Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend
The day I had dreaded ever since we brought our cute, furry, eight week old energy ball Lisen home had arrived.

But it became a calm, respectful and peaceful ending. Lisen knew it was time, I could tell by by her behaviour. She did not fight us, she was calm. And before it was time I whispered in her ear that it was OK to let go, which she did quite quickly - with a little help. So now she is free, running around with ease and playing with all the other wonderful souls who have moved on out there.

Now before I end this very emotional (for me) blog post I strongly feel I want to write a few words directed to my beloved friend Lisen, even though I know they probably do not have/read blogs where she is at right now (but who know's? ;-). Anyway, here it goes;

To Lisen : "I am deeply grateful for all the years I had the privilege to have you by my side, almost 13 (three weeks away). I have never met a more loving, loyal, supportive, entertaining, stubborn, mischievous, happy, extremely wise and food crazy dog, nor will I never meet one again I am sure - until we reunite of course. ;-)

I feel extremely happy and fortunate that it was precisely you and I who met on this journey of life. Because what would I had done without you in certain situations ..? (You know which ones I am talking about.) Both happy and sad. And if ever there was anyone I could count on through thick and it was you, always YOU. We sure have our secrets you and I my friend. ;-) So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, my beloved pup, for the time we had together - "My Little Lis " .

I will always love you more than words could ever express. You will forever be in my memories, in my heart and a part of my soul. My hope is that the rest of your family and I (the same of course) made your time here on Earth at least as happy as you did ours, because that would sure be a comfort for me. Though I will miss you like crazy you do not have to worry about me, I will be fine.

Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend
So you walk away now baby and enjoy your freedom. I will see you soon." ♥ ♥ ♥

R.I.P. Lisen 2001.03.17 - 2014.02.15


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Cakes baby!
April 17, 2011 8:47 PM

My sister turned 25 today, Happy Birthday sis! As usual, in exchange for gifts - there must be cake!!! Hehe. And cakes there were! First we had a veggie sandwich layer cake (smörgåstårta) which I was a bit skeptical towards. Mainly because I had never eaten a veggie version of this type of cake before. But I must say that it was insanely delicious! Even the "meat" pieces on it were tasty. So a huge YUM for that one!

The veggie sandwich layer cake.

Second cake was a home made chocolate cake. Also spectacular, but very heavy in consistency. Therefore I could only eat a small piece of it. However, I'm sure the large piece of sandwich layer cake I had before the chocolate cake could have played a some part in me not being able to eat as much as I would have liked to of it. Therefore this chocolate cake definitely also deserves a huge YUM!

The home made chocolate cake.

And these were the pieces of cake I ate today. :p


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January 18, 2011 3:18 PM

I had to get up super duper early today, about 5:30 AM, to drive my sister to the hospital. She was due for surgery to remove her gall bladder early this morning. Everything went well and she is feeling as good as one can directly after a surgery like that. Which was a relif for me to hear.

On my way home from the hospital these were my surroundings.

And I could really feel the beauty and calmness around me, like a big hug from Mother Nature. Which was definitely much needed today.


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My Christmas Eve in pics
December 26, 2010 11:16 PM

What a lovely Christmas it has been this year! Tons of snow, lots of delicious food, yummy Christmas candy, great gifts and a nice visit from relatives. A truly enjoyable Christmas Eve celebration I must say. And what better way to convey my Christmas Eve than through pics. So here it is. :-)

Left pic: First I picked up my sister and Diva. Right pic: Here they come :-) And off we went to mum.

Mulled Wine Martini
Left pic:
Rice pudding for lunch. One of our traditions is to hide an almond in the rice pudding and whomever gets it win a lottery ticket. But I didn't get it this year :-( Mum did.Middle pic: Here we, me and relatives, are playing cards and drinking glögg-martini. Right pic: At 3 PM time for - Donald Duck "From All of Us to All of You". A deeply rooted Swedish tradition, lol! It's true, the cartoon first aired in Sweden 1960, and has ever since been one of the most watched TV-shows every year in Sweden. Last year, 2009, it was number three on the list over "the most watched TV-shows in Sweden" with 3 294 000 viewers. Hehe.

Left pic: After Donald, time for food preparations. It is always busy in the kitchen on this day. Right pic: Lisen hoping someone will drop something without knowing it, so she can sneak up and grab it.

Yay! Food time! Here is our julbord! On it is for example; Christmas ham, meatballs, pickled herring in different sauces, brawn, chipolata sausages, ribs and my favourite, Janssons frestelse - Janssons temptation. Janssons consist of potato casserole with onion, pickled anchovies, bread crumbs and cream. Sooo good!

Left pic: We start of our main meal with a snaps of Absolut vodka. Cheers!!! Middle pic: This is my first plate of food. Right pic: And here is my second, hehe.

Lisen wondering when she can have some.

Left pic: Between meals this is what we snacked on, Christmas candy, yum! My aunt makes the best homemade fudge ever (below right)!!! Right pic: Diva want some too!!!

Left pic: Finally time to unwrap all these gifts. Right pic: Lisen loooves getting and opening gifts, lol!

I like getting gifts too, and I got some, ehum, unexpected gifts this year. Like a tool box, which I thought was very unnecessary at first, but then when I got home I realized that it's probably better to have all tools, screws and such in one place. So it was a good gift after all. I also got a mini snow shovel for my car, unexpected but greatly needed now for sure, a calendar, face mask and some other stuff. But as always, my favourite gift to get is MONEY! Which I got this year, yay! And tomorrow I'm off to Kalmar to spend it all at this years big Christmas sale, yihaaa!!!

After we had ripped open our gifts we ate (forced down) some cake and then just chatted and played some games. In these pics Lisen and Diva looks pretty much how I felt after this day, stuffed and tired. Hehe. But it was a lot of fun and I had a wonderful Christmas Eve, as I'm sure they did as well.


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Ghost in da house?
August 10, 2010 20:42

Voices from my TV woke me up this morning, not strange right? Well, I did not turn it on or leave it on during the night and no one else was in my apartment, except my dog. And she was sound asleep right next to me. I thought maybe the power had gone during the night, but all the other electrical devices were in order. Hm? I also got a strong feeling that I should get in touch with my Grandmother.

After about ten minutes of hesitation, I texted her. Just as I sent the text my phone rang, it was her! I answered, but I could only hear her hum in the background (she usually does this to herself) so I hung up. Then she called again, I answered. This time she heard me.

"Oh, hi." she said. I asked if she had read my text, "Oh, you sent me a text?". And so she read it while I was waiting on the phone (she is quite technical actually). I had written and asked if she wanted to come by for a visit this week. And the strange thing, it turns out that's what she was going to ask me...

So what about the TV? Well, when she stays over she always have the TV on quite loud and I keep telling her to lower the volume. My conclusion - "someone" told me to expect her today...



Labour day
July 30, 2010 20:12

Today I have been a busy bee, hehe. Went to mums to help her with some carpentry, OK I'll be honest, I didn't really do that much carpentry. But I hammered a few nails and sawed some wooden planks :-) always something. It's not really my forté, the nails just bend all the time and my sawing isn't the most even, but at least I tried to help :-)

Some pics from today.

Here is Diva hiding in the bushes. And to the right some delicious Persian food, yum!



July 27, 2010 19:06

Today, when Lisen and I were on our walk, a loose dog came up to us. Probably a runaway? This dog, a Doberman I think, came running from the forest, across the road to us. He stopped and wanted to say hi to Lisen, but she didn’t want to. Then he took off up into the forest on the side of the road we were on.  I just stood there, didn’t know what to do? Felt a bit helpless.

I walked over to a house nearby and asked if they knew anyone who had a dog like that, but they didn’t. Then I thought maybe we should try and find him in the forest, or backtrack where he came from. But he could have come from anywhere, plus Lisen was so tired. I had dragged her on a walk in the sun, didn’t think it would be as hot outside as it was, and she just laid down every chance she got. So we went home…

I took this pic yesterday, but this is the exact road were we encountered the dog today. He came up to us from the other side of the road, at the streetsign behind me, and ran off into the forest to my right. I really hope he is OK!

A few hours later I went into town to meet up with my sister and mum at the hairdressers. My sister got her hair done and it took a total of FOUR hours! We were all pretty hungry after that, so we went and had some dinner at Åhléns. Not the best food I have eaten…No disaster, just not very appealing or tasty flavours on the plate.

From left.
1. Me waiting at the hairdressers
2. The food I ate at Åhléns.

Now I think I will have me some chocolate, feel like I need some quick, sweet energy in my system.



Out and about
July 19, 2010 20:43

My day began with a text from my grandma asking if she could come visit me. Sure why not. So it was just for me to get up, out with Lisen and prepare for the rest of the day.

I picked up grandma, we went for some well-needed coffee at my sisters, after that grocery shopping, then home and cook todays dinner, and after that away and leave my car to the shop. And now all of a sudden the clock is half past eight in the evening...

Left pic: Me waiting for my grandma at the parking lot outside CityGross. She definitely take her time... Right pic: The reason I had to leave my car to the shop today, an annoying lamp! And also I hope they manage to put up that "dog grid" I bought some time ago, but have not managed to get up...



I must love to torture myself...
July 13, 2010 20:04

Yet again a tropical day in Sweden. And I, yet again, went on my morning walk in this stifling heat. With me was, as usual (forced by contract), my mum and her partner. Today we also had a guest starring on our "torturewalk", my sister, yay! However, considering todays experience, I don't think she will make a second appearance anytime soon...

We walked in the forests of Rödeby, and of course, as in any forest, there are animals and BUGS! So not only is it beyond hot, but while we are walking flies keep buzzing around us all the time! Two days ago I was about half a meter from stepping on a big black snake...But regarding those flies, I don't get why the have to fly as close to the face and ears as possible, grrr! However, on a good note, I did see a qute squirrel today :-)

I have worked all day with getting up some more pictures. Check out "Photoalbum" in the menu, lots of pix from Aussieland.

And here are some pictures from our walk, and buggfighting today.

Here we all are, walking different paces.

A disgusting fly on right under my nose, blah!


Here is the qute squirrel, a bit blurry...

Behind me Madde is running from a bee, haha.

"Lose-weight" plan signed.
July 9, 2010 22:58

Not much has been accomplished today, had a bit of a stomach bug so I've felt pretty weak all day.

However I did go to se my mum and her partner because they have, for a long time, and my mum as long as I can remember, started different diets on and off again. It just annoys me to craziness that they spend so much money and it gives them no long-term result. Sure they might lose a few kilos but then they lose their motivation as well and put them right back on...So I said to them that I might as well come up with a plan for them to lose weight (mainly because I think the whole "diet" industry is a scam") and they said yes.

Now I'm no expert but I have common sense and I see what they are doing wrong, especially my mother. I also know that nothing will ever work unless someone is truly committed and want to make a life long change in how they deal with food and exercise. I also think that overweight is a symptom of a problem and if you don't deal with WHY you overeat then you'll never get it under control.

Even though I'm no psychologist or trainer I thought, what the hell, I can give it a go.

Tomorrow is the first day of our morning exercise together, I have promised to walk with them so they don't, either skip it or walk too slow. Good for me as well :-)

I know this will be no picnic but I will really try my very best to help them. I even had them sign a contract for a month. No excuses, no objections, just follow my orders.


Sun, barbeque, movies and WC-soccer.
July 7, 2010 20:32

Today my sister and her dog, Diva, came to us in my mums house. We barbequed, honeymarinated chicken skewers, with rice in the persian "rice cooker" and tzatsiki, yum! After that some work on this site, check out media, and after that a movie.

So the movie we saw was "Cop Out" with Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan. It was ok, sure some funny scenes that made me laugh out loud but nothing spectacular. It reminded me of the Lethal Weapon movies and Die Hard movies, although not as good.

And now, Today I am hoping Germany wins, have bet 30kr on them. Go Germany!

Above: Me working da grill! And on the right pic, rice from the persian rice cooker.


Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend
Cakes baby!
My Christmas Eve in pics
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