Famous And Historical Casinos In Australia
June 26, 2013 7:26 PM

When we think of famous casino venues we immediately think of Monte Carlo, Vegas or Macau, but one definite name on that list should be Australia; a country which has a fantastic mix historical and new age casinos.

The Crown Casino Melbourne and the Star Casino in Sydney are classic examples of the huge high rise casinos that we’re familiar with in the likes of Vegas and Macau.  Some of you may be aware of the famous fire ball show at The Crown that takes place frequently on weekend evenings.  Both casinos have all of the paraphernalia you’d associate with a modern hotel/casino complex such as water features, bars and restaurants.

Australia also has a selection of casinos based in more traditional buildings such as the Treasury Casino and the Adelaide Casino, both of which are based in very beautiful old buildings giving the casinos a debonair feel, somewhat akin to Monte Carlo or any of the other older European establishments.
The Adelaide Casino has the solitary table gaming licence issued by the South Australia authority, so if you’re travelling this area and like traditional casino games, this is the casino for you.  The Adelaide Casino is situated in the old Adelaide railway station which was built in the mid-19th century.  This gives the casino a very classy feel.

The Treasury is probably more impressive architecturally, with its Baroque façade lending it a New Orleans kind of vibe. Anyone in the area should acquaint themselves with this beautiful piece of early Australian heritage.

Australia is haven for large casino gambling, especially Australian online pokies.  They have a great blend of casino architecture keeping the industry entertaining, and if you’re a casino fan there’s a casino at most ports of call.  Check out the photos of places like Jupiters Casino and Hotel, to get a glimpse of the scale of the trade in Australia.

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