Finally A Walpurgis Eve Bonfire
November 3, 2011 7:25 PM


Walpurgis Eve is of course celebrated on April 30th here in Sweden. It is a celebration where we welcome spring by lighting bonfires all over Sweden. However, due to drought this year the Walpurgis bonfire here in Lyckeby in Sweden was canceled. So I have seen the original Walpurgis Eve pile of junk, also known as The Walpurgis Eve Bonfire, grow ever since. And I was beginning to think it would never get to do its intended job this year - to burn. But then yesterday it happened!

Finally A Walpurgis Eve Bonfire
As my dog Lisen and I were out on one of our many walks we happened to come across this. It was lit!!! Yay! So even though we had a very late Walpurgis Eve Bonfire this year, at least I got to see it. :-)

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Walpurgis Eve in Sweden Swedish Traditions
Walpurgis Eve in Sweden SwedishTraditions
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