First Sunday of Advent 2010
November 28, 2010 8:54 PM

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In Sweden we have a countdown to Christmas, which starts four Sundays before Christmas Eve. And it's called Advent. Advent first, second and so on. This countdown is marked by lighting a candle in an Advent candlestick each Sunday.

Growing up we always ate rice pudding - risgrynsgröt (like a porridge) on these Sunday mornings in my family. And of course this is something I still do, like an obsession. Or perhaps I should call it tradition, LOL!

Here is my bowl of rice pudding I had this morning, topped with cinnamon and sugar. Usually you have milk with it as well, but I prefer without. The rice pudding can be eaten hot or cold. And behind the bowl is my Advent candle stick with the first lit candle.

Another Advent tradition is to have Advent stars and candle sticks lit in your windows. In the left pic you can see how I have decorated my window. The right pic is of my neighbourhood. In this pic you can see how almost every window have these decorations, even though they look tiny, hihi. And now that our Advent season has kicked off, it's time to buckle up, hold on tight, and don't let the stress bugs bite :-p

Origin Advent

Advent is Latin and comes from the Latin word "Adventus Domini" which means "coming of the Lord". Today's Advent celebration is a phenomenon that emerged during the 1900s. Advent stars, Advent candles and Advent calendars became popular in the 1930s in Sweden. Source:

If you want to read more about our traditions during December, and how I celebrate Christmas - CLICK HERE.

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