Florida From My Heart
January 15, 2012 11:02 PM


Now of course I love shopping, eating and having fun in materialistic kind of ways when I am on vacation. But the moments that truly feed my soul and fill my heart with warmth are those beautiful moments where I see or feel something unexpected. Like when my cousin and I went down to Miami Beach early one morning to watch this sunrise.

Miami Beach Sunrise
Good Morning.

It was a beautiful sight, but what I did not expect to experience was the magnificent transformation from a calm and sleepy ocean to a wavy one as soon as the sun had risen. Or to hear and see so many birds arrive with the sunrise to the beach.

Miami Beach Sunrise
An Early Bird.

It was just like watching Mother Earth open her eyes, yawn and then say with a warm, loving and cheerful voice: "God Morning My Children." It was amazing! And really a moment which is hard to describe in words, it has to be felt. But that is actually my favourite moment of the entire Florida trip. The sunrise at Miami Beach.

Miami Beach Sunrise
Such a magical, yet everyday moment.

I actually managed to grow really fond of that beach during the 10 days that I was there! Because even on cloudy and windy days it was such a wonderful place to just take a stroll by. It was especially fun to walk there with my camera and simply get lost in the moments. Seriously, I am sure I could have stood by that ocean and take photos of its waves forever. I mean really, every wave is so different! But besides the ocean, the birds by the ocean were pretty funny to look at as well.

Florida From My Heart
Like these adorable birds. First they ran with their little legs as close to the ocean as they possibly could without touching it. Then, as soon as a wave came towards them, they quickly turned around and ran from that wave as fast as they possibly could. They did this over and over again, and they looked so cute!

Florida From My Heart
Then we have these guys, who always seem so care free.

Florida From My Heart
And of course along the beach I found all sorts of odd things which I had no idea what they were. Like this blue thingy?

South Beach
Another lovely beach only a 10 minute drive away from Miami Beach was this one - South Beach. Although I did not spend as much time there as I did at Miami Beach. But beautiful it was.

Miami Skyline
I also really enjoyed to watch this lovely skyline at night from our apartment in Miami Beach. Because it was definitely very different from any view I normally see in Sweden.

But after 10 days in Miami we drove to Orlando to spend our final 7 days in Florida there.

Sunset Car
And even a long drive can have its breathtaking moments.

Once we were in Orlando we mostly visited amusement parks, did some final shopping and relaxed by the pool. Although our last days in Orlando were actually pretty chilly. But I am NOT complaining at all, because we did have pretty good and warm weather most of our trip.

A trip which has actually been over for about one week now, which of course means that I am currently back in Sweden with my doggy in my apartment here in Lyckeby again. But I must admit that I do wish I had a few more weeks to spend in the lovely state of Florida, especially in Miami Beach. :-) However there are plenty of fun stuff going on here in Sweden as well. Therefore this post will be my last one about my Florida trip for this time.

And to sum up my trip to Florida, well I simply have to say that I did truly enjoy it. I had a ton of fun with the best company ever. My Christmas Eve in Key West was amazing and I had a wonderful New Years Eve in Orlando. I also spent way too much money and ate way too much good stuff, which is a good thing in my book though. I also got to experience some amazingly beautiful moments in Florida which will forever have a warm place in my heart. All in all I am very happy and grateful for this trip and I look forward to continue 2012 with a lot of love and joy from Sweden.

To end this post I will let this lovely bird, who decided to fly right over me when I was on the ferry from Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld, represent how I feel - about life really. Because this bird and this moment represents yet another one of those unexpected, amazing and beautiful moments that actually take place all the time - everywhere. Whether we see them or not.

Bird Orlando
Therefore I am very thankful I managed to catch this one on camera.

Thank You! :-)

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