Flying Away For The Holidays
November 30, 2011 12:47 PM


I will be flying away for the Holidays this year! But it is not always easy to find a cheap flight to the destination you want to travel to. Though in my experience, if you book either very early, meaning several months in advance, or last minute. There are indeed big possibilities to find cheap plane tickets, especially online. Which is why I have been engaging in this particular activity a lot this year, mostly in the early parts of the year.

Because it was last Christmas that my cousin suggested that our families celebrate Christmas and New Years in a warmer country this year. Something we all thought was a great idea. So we quickly initiated our search for cheap plane tickets online, finally found some nicely priced ones and booked them! Which means that I will be celebrating the Holidays in another country this year!

In fact, in less than one month I will be on my way - all the way - to... Tada - Miami and Orlando in Florida, U.S.A! And I am so excited!!! But I can also not believe how quickly this year has gone by! It feels like we just started to talk about these big plans a few weeks ago... But nope. The Holidays are indeed approaching fast, as is the date when I will be flying away.

So soon I will be seated on one of these, saying "So Long Lyckeby..." and "Hello Miami!". :p

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